How To Make An Easy Patchwork Pouch

how to make a patchwork pouch

Sewing a Patchwork Pouch is a great way to show off many fabric prints when you make an Easy Patchwork Pouch with the log cabin pattern. A patchwork pouch is always great because the layers of batting or base fabric give them structure, you can also make them without the batting and just make the … Read more

Patchwork Bag With Squares Tutorial

quilted bag tutorial

To start 2018 great, I have for you this cute quilted bag tutorial, weather is cold outside and house is quiet, perfect time for a small project to make. If you love to sew and make some patchwork, I think you might have some small fabric pieces you want to keep to make something nice, … Read more

How To Make A Quilted Pouch With Hexagons Tutorial Part 2

how to make a quilted pouch

Hello everyone! This time I will share with you all how to make a quilted pouch with hexagons tutorial part 2, I worked to finish this little pouch with the Japanese method. Japanese Method. I often see many beautiful well made little bags and pouches on the internet, from the color Japanese quilters work with, … Read more