Two Paper Piecing Patterns Houses

When looking for an idea to make a new quilt, you might have in your ideas list, to make a quilt block with a house, and the reason is simple, quilts made with houses, always look pretty.

Two Paper Piecing Patterns Houses, is a free download printable, with two different houses to make, one is the traditional house block, and the second pattern is to make a small house.

When you love to make a quilt block where all corners match perfectly, then you might love to work with a Paper Piecing Pattern.

Note: To make these two house blocks with the Paper Piecing method, you need to have some knowledge on how to work with these methods, below I will share some tips to make each one of these two new quilt blocks.

If you’re a beginner on Paper Piecing Patterns, I want to say that you should try it, don’t get discourage if it takes longer to make one quilt block, this method has a learning curve, and I’m sure you will get good at it, and before you notice, you’ll be making beautiful quilt blocks with it.

Two Houses Paper Piecing Patterns

You can download the Free Printable Paper Piecing Pattern To make two quilt blocks with a house, here!

Country House Paper Piecing Pattern

Two Paper Piecing Patterns Houses

This block is made with three sections, you need to download the pattern and print it out.

Cut all the paper templates with the help of a pair of scissors to cut paper.

Follow the numbers to make each section, the middle section is made of two parts, work first to make each part and then stitch together the two parts.

When the three sections are made, you can stitch on each part to the other to make the quilt block.

Remove all the paper or the paper templates and press, then you can trim the block to 8.5 x 8.5 inches.

Small House Paper Piecing Template

The second paper piecing template on this free download PDF is to make a small house, but the finished block is the same size of 8.5 x 8.5 inches

This block is also made of three sections, work on each part to stitch on by hand or with your sewing machine all the pieces of fabric to make each section.

When the three sections are finished, stitch on the three sections to make the quilt block, remove all the paper or all the paper templates, press and trim the block to 8.5 x 8.5 inches.

Sampler Quilt 2022

When you finish making the two quilt blocks with a house, you can use each block for any other project you want to make, like making a pillow, a tote bag, or any other project.

If you want to make the Sampler Quilt 2022, you can find more tutorials to make more blocks for this quilt here:

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Two Paper Piecing Patterns Houses

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