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When you start to make quilts, you’ll be introduced to a few quilting tools since the first day, I must admit that each one of them will make the work easier to do.

From rotary cutters, patchwork and quilting rulers and scissors to pins and safety pins, all the tools will be important for you at the time to make quilts… any size.

You can get them all the first day or you can get them one by one as you work with your quilts.

You don’t need to get them all to make beautiful quilts, but you need to get at least the basic tools, as you keep working to make quilts with different techniques, you can buy the tools you will need that time.

I will share with you the list of tools you will need to get to make easier the work at the time to make quilts, I don’t have all the patchwork and quilting tools in the market.

I have just a few quilting tools, but I’m willing to try new tools as I work on new quilts, this is the reason I write this page to share with you the tools I use and to let you know how good they are or if you can skip one tool and save that money.

I will be sharing more tools as I work with them, so I can share each tool review to let you know if you should buy it or not.

1 Patchwork Rulers

best quilting tools 2019

I’ve been using the same quilting ruler for over 20 years and its like brand new! I could say that it has become my favorite quilting supply of all time.

It’s a 5 x 24″ rule with 45 and 60 degree that has helped me to cut all those pieces of fabric I’ve made during this time.

If I need to tell you the truth I will say its the only rule I have, I found it very useful and I always keep it on my work table ready to be used.

I know I should get a few more rules to help me to cut maybe some little pieces to make the mini quilts I love to make often. I’ve been browsing on the internet and I’ll get a pair of them.

best quilting tools

2 Quilting rotary cutter

If you ever wonder how much time quilters spend on cutting all those little pieces of fabric to make a quilt? Well, everything is better when you get the right tool to make it.

Quilting is no exception here, all quilters know that getting a good rotary cutter is the best investment we can do to save time and work while we do what we love to make… quilts.

Once you discover the rotary cutter, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover it before, at the beginning it can be a little intimidating, but once you get used to cutting your fabric you’ll see that this is the best tool for any quilter.

You’ll need to follow some safety points to work with it safely.

You can find a range of different models in the market, each one of them is essentially the same, they have a razor-sharp blade that works very similar to a pizza cutter, as you roll it over your fabric surface it will cut it.

I have used a few rotary cutters, so I don’t have a favorite to tell you to get that one, you might need to try a few to get your favorite to work with.

Fiskars rotary cutter

best quilting tools 2019

I currently have a rotary cutter, I have been cutting out fabrics to make my quilts since 7 years ago with the same blade, I find it easy to hold while I cut the fabric.

It’s blade keeps sharp as the first day, I use to cut with it fabric folded only 4 times, I find if I try to cut more layers at the same time, fabric can slip and the pieces will not be the same size.

best rotary cutter

Olfa rotary cutter.

I have used it in the past and they are also good cutters to work with while I make my quilts, you can find these cutters in four blade size: 18 mm, 28 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm.The larger the blade the more layers of fabric you can cut at the same time, if you only want to have just one rotary cutter I will recommend you to get the 45 mm blade.

3 Quilting clips

as you work on your quilts you will know that working with a few layers of fabrics it can be complicated sometimes, to try to hold on its place two, three and sometimes more layers of fabric while you sew or quilt its something that will get you wishing to get some help.

Quilting clips will help you to hold those layers of fabric on their place while you work on the biding of a quilt, a bag or any quilting project.

Never struggle with your fabrics while you sew the seam!

best quilting tools 2019

4 Cutting mat

Today quilters use to cut all those pieces of fabric with a new technique, no more cutting every piece with a pair of scissor, a rotary cutter and a rotating mat will help you to get all those pieces of fabric you need to make a quilt to be cut exactly the same size and shape with no problem at all.

You will need to get a large one as it will make it easy to spread out your fabric while you cut the pieces of fabric for your new quilt with no worries about cutting the table.

Shop cutting mats

quilting tools

5 Basic sewing machine

A good sewing machine is a must for every quilter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced quilter, you need to get a good sewing machine to help you to work with no problems at all to sew together all those little pieces of fabric to make a quilt top.

I have a Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

, I got it when I moved to Canada 7 years ago, and it works pretty well every time I use it, its easy to set it up to work with and easy to keep it in a closet.

It’s easy to set it up to sew a quilt top and easy to set it up to work on free motion quilting.

best quilting tools

6  Quilting Thread

best quilting tools 2019

What kind of thread should you use while making a quilt, you might be wondering.

You’ll need two different type of thread to make a quilt basically, one to sew together the pieces of fabric to make a quilt top and quilting thread to work on the quilting.

Gutermann quilting thread

best quilting thread 2019

Coats Quilting Thread.

I’ve used the Coats quilting thread to do the hand quilting on my last quilts and I’m happy how easy it is to work with.

It makes the work of hand quilting easier than using regular thread, its easy to work with it and the texture of the hand quilting is very nice and neat.

Easy to do the hand quilting and it will help you to work faster and make neat stitches as you work with it.

It feels stronger than other threads and this will give you the confidence that you’re making a quilt that will last longer, your quilts will become part of your family heritage.

I’m always sure to have at home at least two of them, this thread is excellent, it doesn’t shred or tangle easily.

best quilting thread 2019

7 – Pins

As you work to make quilts, your best tool to have at hand will be the pins, they will help you to hold the fabric pieces in their place as you sew.

Hand piecing or machine piecing, pins will help you to sew the right way all your pieces to make amazing quilts.

You can find pins to buy almost anywhere, but my advice here for you is to buy the best quality pins you can afford, by doing this, you’ll get at home the high quality pins that will last forever.

As some quilts will take some time to finish, some quilters love to have some UFOs at home, I’m also on that club, if you leave a quilt project for some weeks, months and even years, I’m sure there will be some pins left in the quilt, a good quality pins will not oxide in time, and you can be sure you can start working again on that quilt with no worries to check if your quilt have any oxide marks on it.

Getting a good quality box of pins is something I will highly recommend you to do.

8 – Cotton 100 % Fabric

You will need to buy the right fabric for your quilting and patchwork projects, I always like to recommend the use of cotton 100 % fabrics.

You can find so many nice cotton fabrics to use when making quilts and I’m sure you won’t have any problems to find the fabrics you love to work with almost anywhere.

When buying fabrics, if you have a project to work on in your mind, you’ll have a color and prints list to shop, but in case you just want to buy some fabrics to use in future to make quilts, that is also a good idea to stick with, I also love to buy fat quarters of fabrics I love because of the color of the fabric and also because of the prints on it.

Any quilter will love to have enough fabric at home.

best quilting fabric 2019

9 – Scissors

Fiskars 190520-1001 Titanium Micro-Tip Easy Action Scissors

best quilting tools 2019

I got this Fiskars scissors about 8 or 9 years ago, you can see me often using them on my videos while I work on my quilts, they work as good as the first day!

If I need to recommend one brand of scissor, I would have no doubt at all to call for Fiskars, they are well-made, they work great all the time and this pair of scissor in particular is easy to handle when working on quilting.

best scissors for patchwork

Fiskars 6 Inch Softgrip Big Kids Scissors

best quilting tools 2019

Who would tell me that I would love to work with a pair of scissors for children!

I bought this pair of scissors about 7 or 8 years ago, I bought it to try it first thinking on buying a pair of scissor for my grandson, I had to try it first to check if it was safe for a young kid.

Since the first day, I loved this pair of scissors, so I had to buy a second pair of scissor, this time for myself, since that day, it has become my best quilting tool, I carry it anywhere with me, it has made a few long trips and it keeps working as the first day.

I must admit, as its a pair of scissors for kids, its made to cut paper, but it cut fabric as good as any other scissor made for fabrics, so this pair of scissor work as good to cut paper and fabric, so I don’t need to have two pair of scissors on my quilting tool box.

You have seen this pair of scissor on my YouTube videos, its a quilting tool I always keep on my desk.

best quilting tools

10 Wool ironing mat

11 – DMC Embroidery Floss

best quilting tools 2019

, as you keep working on your quilts, you’ll love to add some embroidery stitches on them.

Embroidery today is part of the quilts, easy embroidery stitches as back stitch and buttonhole stitch will always make your quilts to stand out.

You don’t need a professional embroider to add some embroidery stitches here and there to make them look amazing!

Quilters have learned also to do the hand quilting with the embroidery thread, single thread or double, any color you pick will make your hand quilting work to stand out.

One DMC embroidery floss will not be enough, be sure when you go shopping to get at least two, three and even more of DMC embroidery floss. This way, you’ll have the right color to work with on your next quilting or patchwork project.


Making quilts is one of the most popular hobbies these days, no matter where you live or no matter if you are a professional quilter or a beginner, you’ll fall in love with this activity and I must say art.

No matter if you love to work on small quilts or big, you’ll love each one of them.

There’s so many good reason to make a quilt, just because you love to make them or because you love to make your home look amazing, or because you have a new baby in the family and making a new quilt for him or her is the best way to welcome him or her to the family.

Making quilts is a work that will take you sometime to finish it, quilting tools will help you to work better and more efficiently.

Don’t get tired or stressed when making a new quilt, use the right tool and your job will be easier and you’ll make that perfect quilt.

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best quilting tools 2019

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  1. Hello there thanks for this awesome article, how do you find the round, rotating cutting mat? Are you pleased? Use it more than the other? I know it would, of course, be project dependent, but wondered if you were advising a beginner, would you suggest the larger, rectangular matt or the rotating one? Thanks for your trusted and experienced advice!

    • Hi Nelson

      As a quilter, I have a cutting mat all the time on my work table, and its a small-medium size, I’ve cut all the pieces to make small and big quilts here.

      My tip for what type of cutting mat you need to have on your work table would be to buy a good quality cutting mat medium size, it will last long in good conditions.

      If you go to sewing or workshop classes then buy a second one (small size) and you’ll do great.

      I would recommend you to buy a big cutting mat only if you work on making big pieces of sewing projects as clothing garments, otherwise with a medium size you’ll do OK

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