Patchwork And Mexican Embroidery Bag

Mexican embroidery and patchwork bag

Patchwork and Mexican Embroidery Bag is a step by step tutorial to make an easy to sew bag with a mix of sewing different textiles techniques. If you love to make patchwork and you love also to do some handmade embroidery, this is a sewing project to make a bag with two different sewing textiles … Read more

How To Make A Patchwork Purse Coin

How To Make A Patchwork Purse Coin

  How to make a patchwork coin purse is a tutorial to make with those pieces left after you finish a quilting project, this time you will learn how to make a cute coin purse. A coin purse is always useful but if you can make it by yourself it will have a big plus! … Read more

Round Patchwork Bag Tutorial – Emily

Round Patchwork Bag Tutorial - Emily

  If you think patchwork bags are pretty, a round patchwork bag is even prettier, today I will share some easy steps to follow to make a round patchwork bag! If you love as much as I do to make patchwork bags, I’m sure you will love this tutorial. Emily is a pretty patchwork bag, … Read more

Easy Patchwork Bag – Regina

Easy Patchwork Bag - Regina

Nothing more comfortable and useful as a patchwork bag made by you, this time I will share the steps you can follow to make an easy patchwork bag – “Regina” You might have already a few small squares of fabric from your last patchwork project and you have been saving them to make something nice, … Read more

Camila, Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Camila, Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Camila – Patchwork Bag Tutorial, it’s made to give you the steps to make a bag to carry all those small things, from your smart phone, money, to your favorite make up and more! Bags made with patchwork are always pretty and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the “Camila” bag. A few hours … Read more

How To Make A Patchwork Bag Step By Step

how to make a patchwork bag step by step

  One bag is never enough and today I will tell you how to make a patchwork bag made of squares, easy and fun to make, I’m sure it will be your favorite to carry with you and your cell phone, some money, and a few more small things! This patchwork bag will become your … Read more