Patchwork Bag With Squares Tutorial

quilted bag tutorial

To start 2018 great, I have for you this cute quilted bag tutorial, weather is cold outside and house is quiet, perfect time for a small project to make. If you love to sew and make some patchwork, I think you might have some small fabric pieces you want to keep to make something nice, … Read more

Quilted Bag With Yoyos, Tutorial Part 2

Quilted bag tutorial

Hello everyone! Hope you had some free time to make the first part of this tutorial to make this cute quilted bag with yoyos. Did you have any problems to make your mini quilt? you can leave a comment here and I will reply to you. Frist part of this tutorial is easy to make, … Read more

How To Make A Quilted Pouch With Hexagons Tutorial Part 2

how to make a quilted pouch

Hello everyone! This time I will share with you all how to make a quilted pouch with hexagons tutorial part 2, I worked to finish this little pouch with the Japanese method. Japanese Method. I often see many beautiful well made little bags and pouches on the internet, from the color Japanese quilters work with, … Read more