How To Make A Quilted Bag With Yoyos

quilted bag with yoyos

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are having a great start of the week, and hope also you can have some free minutes to keep working on your quilt or something new to make.

This week I will share with you part 1 and part 2 of this new tutorial to make this little quilted bag with Yoyos.

When I’m taking a break, I love to visit Pinterest and look for some inspiration to work on my next project, and I’m sure on Pinterest I always can find lots and lots of great inspiration on the thousand of beautiful quilted items quilters around the world share with all of us there.

So, I found I cute little rounded quilted bag, its design was a little different from mine, but the main design was round, quilted and with some yoyos on it.

But no free or paid patterns to make it, as I like to work on inspiration and not to copy, I worked on my own rounded quilted bag made with squares, I made my own way to finish it at the moment to sew the zipper on it.

And the best of this bag is I have a free tutorial to share with all of you my lovely visitors. No pattern, because you don’t need it, all you need is to follow the tutorial steps to make your own quilted bag.

Ok. let’s get to work:

You will need to make this quilted bag:

  • 20 squares of 2 1/2 x 2 1/2″ each one on 100 % cotton fabric
  • 8 ” zipper
  • Batting fabric
  • 100 % cotton fabric for the inside
  • 4 yoyos of 2 1/2″ diameter
  • 100 % polyester thread

Quilted Bag With Yoyos Tutorial Part 1 

quilted bag with yoyos

  1. Cut out your 20 squares, lay down on your table to place the squares the way you like them best.

quilted bag with yoyos

2. Sew them together to make a mini quilt, I always do this step working on making lines first and then I sew together all the lines. Once you finish the sewing, iron the mini quilt with warm iron and very gently.

quilted bag with yoyos

3. Place your mini quilt on batting fabric and cut it a little bigger than the mini quilt, do the same with the fabric for the inside of the bag, place one safety pin on each corner to hold together the three layers of the sandwich, now you can work on the quilting. You can make it by machine, I always like to make it by hand.

quilted bag s4

4. Once you finish the quilting, you need to trim the batting fabric and the cotton fabric for the inside.

This time, the top secret to work this bag is to trim a little bit more lets say 1/2 inch of the batting fabric on both sides, as the sides will worked rounded, and it’s need to work the same way as the yoyos, it’s better not to have batting fabric on both sides of the mini quilt.

This is the end of Part 1 of this tutorial, you will have a couple of days to work on this part 1, on part two I will share with you all the way I sew the zipper and how I did to close this bag, very easy steps to follow, but I got many pictures to share them all in just one blog post.

Once again, I thank you for your interest on learning more about small quilted projects. They are always fun to make.

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quilted bag with yoyos