Four Seasons Quilt, The Joy Of Slow Quilting

four seasons quiltHello lovelies!

This week I was lucky to have a few free hours to work on this big quilt, I started it a few years ago, then sadly it became an UFO, just the center of the quilt, I folded it carefully and put it in a drawer where I was sure I won’t see it often, but I knew it was there, I just didn’t feel myself like working on it for the moment.

I really don’t know how it happened, but this year, I want to work on it and finish it, might be the cold and long winter weather remind me about the Four Seasons Quilt and the joy of slow quilting.

I don’t need to finish it in one day, it’s ok if I work one or two hours on it every week, and there will be weeks when I will work more on it, and there will weeks when the quilt will stay quiet and will wait for me to go back to work on it.

My plans for this quilt had changed, the first idea I had for it, it’s not here any more, but I like the way this quilt started to grow now, this week I could finish the first stage, the center is finished, and I love how it looks.

I have found the fabrics that will go with this quilt, borders go with harmony with the center, by magic the little stars and the solid fabric blocks made the border the right size on the top and bottom sides, it wasn’t like this on the sides, I had to add some little pieces of fabric to match the size of the border, but I have already some plans for them, and they will add some focus point to the quilt.

Four seasons quilt

A quilt is like a story you write, it can tell you a story by it self, you need to look to a quilt and you will find a story on it.

Four seasons quilt

  • a different stitch here and there
  • a different color in a fabric
  • a broken pattern in a block
  • a mistake in a block
  • a union of modern designs and patterns with the old quilts designs and patterns
  • your different moods at the time you were working on a particular quilt

But there’s something is always there anytime I work on a quilt, the joy of being working on it.

  • To relax while I work on it

To love how every block makes the quilt larger

  • To make every stitch on the quilt it makes it more interesting
  • To find the right color of the floss for the quilting is a total adventure for me
  • To make decisions on what is next for this quilt keeps my interest on working on it

There will be always these and thousand more reasons a quilt will give the joy to keep making quilts.

Do you have another more reason to keep quilting? I would love to hear from you and what working on a quilt makes you happy, please leave a comment.

Four seasons quilt

Four seasons quilt

I hope this quilt will inspire you to keep quilting!

I thank you for making the time to stop and read my blog, if you find this quilt will give you some new ideas to work on a next quilting project you can PIN IT so you can find it later.

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2 thoughts on “Four Seasons Quilt, The Joy Of Slow Quilting”

  1. Slow quilting is my style too – but it’s all worth it in the end! Your seasons are looking lovely and the stars are gorgeous!

  2. I love your story quilt! I love the idea of it waiting patitntly, confident that you will come back to it. Like a loyal friend. I find that when I spend some time working group on a sewing project, not only do I relax, but my mind also seems to work out problems and issues I had been struggling with. Quilting gives me time to quiet myself and just bee, allowing all the pieces to fall where they are supposed to. This was a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it.

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