How To Make A Journal Quilt February

  How to Make a Journal Quilt – February. To make a journal quilt has many good reasons: to learn a new quilting technique, a new applique technique, some new embroidery stitches to try out, and even work with some fabrics that I would never thought of use on my quilts. But most of all, … Read more

How To Make a Journal Quilt January

Journal Quilt 2018 quilt along

  Time to show you what I did on my Journal Quilt 2018 this month, so you can make your own too. How to Make a Journal Quilt January. I kept working on it, as I wanted to show you how this quilt will look like with the 12 women (girls) applique done on the … Read more

Best Journal Quilt 2018

Best journal quilt 2018

  At the begining of every year, January always brings new projects to work on, I began to make my first journal quilt 5 years ago, as a way to learn new quilting techniques. Five years later and I think this year I will be making my best journal quilt 2018!, and so you too. … Read more

Patchwork Quilt With Paper Piecing Blocks

Paper Piecing free pattern

I’m sure you love patchwork quilts, and I’m also sure you love free paper piecing patterns to make your new quilt. And who doesn’t?, to make a patchwork quilt is to have one of the greatest hobby anyone can have, and we are so lucky quilters are so generous and love to share their new … Read more