DIY Patchwork Snap Pouch

Patchwork Snap Pouch is easy to make, to help you to carry an extra face mask, an extra sanitary pad or even your headphones or anything you need.

The art of making patchwork with all those scraps of fabric you have been saving after you finish a quilt, or any sewing project you make. Stitching those scraps of fabric together, will help you to create pretty patchwork pieces that can be used to make small or big projects.

On this tutorial, I will share the easy steps to follow, to make a small snap pouch, this project can be made by any beginner, but it’s also a good project to make for advanced quilters as well.

Patchwork Snap Pouch

To make the patchwork snap pouch, you will need to make a patchwork block of 7 1/2 x 7 inches, on this tutorial I’m working with a patchwork made with hexies, but you can make the snap pouch with any block you have made with any other patchwork method, a piece of any pretty fabric, or an embroidery piece.

1. Cut Your Fabrics

  • 1 patchwork block of 7 1/2 x 7 inches
  • 1 piece of thin batting fabric of 7 1/2 x 7 inches
  • 1 piece of thin cotton fabric for the back of the quilting sandwich.
  • 1 piece of lining of 8 x 7 1/2 inches
  • 1 piece of fabric for the front of the pouch of 7 x 4 1/2 inches
  • 1 piece of fabric for the lining of the front of the pouch of 7 x 4 inches
  • 1 snap button.
  • 1 piece of fabric of 2 x 2 inches

2. How To Do The Quilting

To layer the quilting sandwich, lay the piece of thin cotton fabric on your work table, pretty side down, lay over it the batting fabric and lay on top the patchwork block, pretty side up, pinch a few safety pins to hold the three layers of fabric, and do the quilting, it can be done by hand or on your sewing machine.

3. How To Trace The Pouch On The Quilted Block

Patchwork Snap Pouch

When the quilting is done, lay the pouch paper template over the quilted block, you can trace the shape on the quilted block with the help of a pencil or a marker for fabrics.

After you traced the pouch on the quilted block, you can do basting stitches right outside the pencil mark all around, this will hold the three layers of fabric and it will be your stitching outline.

Trim the three layers of fabric adding 1/4 inch for the seam allowance from the basting stitches.

4. Prepare The Pouch Front

Lay on your work table the piece of fabric for the front of the pouch, lay over it the lining, pretty sides together, and sew on both pieces on your sewing machine, 1/4 inch for the seam allowance.

Open the seam and press, turn to the back the lining as it’s shown on the video, press, and do some quilting to hold these two pieces of fabric together.

5. How To Sew On The Patchwork Snap Pouch

Take the small piece of fabric and fold it in the middle lengthwise, open and fold both edges to the center, finger press, fold the piece in the middle like a bias tape and stitch on your sewing machine.

Lay the quilted piece on your work table and place over it the paper template, it will help you to know where to place the folded bias tape you made, pin it to the quilted piece.

Lay the piece of the front of the pouch over the quilted piece, pretty sides together, and lay over the lining, pin all the pieces together.

Turn on the pinned pieces, the quilted piece back should be up, and you can see the basting stitches you made before, sewing on all the pieces together on your sewing machine, leave a gap open on the bottom to turn the piece out.

When the pouch is all stitched, trim the lining fabric, leave 1/4 inch for the seam allowance, and turn the pouch out.

6. Stitch To Close The Open Gap

Tuck in the seam in the open gap and with stitch to close it with small stitches (ladder stitching) by hand.

7. Sew On The Snap Button

Sew on the snap button on the pouch.

8. How To Finish The Patchwork Snap Button

Cut a small piece of any cotton fabric (1 x 1 inch) and applique this piece on the front of the pouch, sew on two small buttons on it and do some big stitches around the applique fabric with embroidery thread.

Sew on a button on the front of the cover, and do some big stitches quilting at 1/4 inch from the edge.

The Patchwork Snap Pouch is finish and it looks amazing.

Patchwork Snap Pouch

You can make the patchwork snap pouch with fabrics in any color you like, some people like pastel color fabrics, while other prefer solid fabrics or a different color palette, but one thing is for sure, the patchwork will look amazing and it will be great to keep inside anything you need to keep in an easy place to reach.

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Patchwork Snap Pouch

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