BOM Quilt Block – October

As the weather starts to get cool, the month of October brings some changes in the country, Fall colors are everywhere and the weather changes invite us to stay indoors.

The Bom Quilt Block – October – has a cute cat, a pumpkin and a bird, this quilt block is made with the applique technique and with some easy to make embroidery, beginners and more advanced quilters will love to make!

BOM Quilt Block – October

How To Prepare Applique Pieces

Download the BOM Quilt Block of October Free Pattern here, and print in up.

With a pair of scissor for cutting paper, cut all the paper templates from the free pattern.

Place each paper template on the back of the fabric and pin it, with a pair of scissors for cutting fabric, cut each piece adding 1/4 inch for the seam.

Make small cuts with your scissors on the seam on any curved seam, this step will help you to fold to the back the seam and baste it with ease.

Follow the sames steps to prepare all the pieces you will need for the applique

How To Do The Applique On The BOM Quilt Block of October

Lay the block on your work table and place the big pieces for the applique on the block, pinch one of two pins on each piece to hold each piece on its place while you do the applique.

Work on the applique of each piece with small stitches made by hand, when you finish doing the applique of the first pieces on the block, you can cut out the fabric on the block on the back of each piece, always leave one 1/4 inch for the seam, remove the paper templates from each piece.

Now you can keep working on the smaller pieces or with the pieces that go on the first applique pieces, follow the same steps.

When removing the paper templates from small pieces, just make a cut on the fabric on the back to remove the paper templates.

BOM Quilt Block - October

How To Do The Blanket Stitch On The BOM Quilt Block of October

When all the applique pieces are done, now you can do the blanket stitch on the edge of each applique piece, this stitch is made with one strand of embroidery floss, and it can be made in brown or gray.

How To Do The Embroidery On The BOM Quilt Block of October

The embroidery work on this block is easy to do:

  • Back stitch – Cat mouth and whiskers, bird’s legs
  • Satin stitch – Cat’s eyes and nose, and bird’s peak
  • Long stitches – Cat’s eyes brown

The BOM Quilt Block of October is finished and it looks so cute!

Now you have made nine months of this quilt, soon I’ll be sharing a new block to make for the month of November, so come back soon, so you can keep making this quilt.

I hope you have some fun as much as I did making this block for the month of October.

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BOM Quilt Block - October

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