Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

When the Holidays are around the corner, you might want to make something cute to decorate a corner in your home, when you love to make patchwork, there is always a good idea to make with this sewing technique.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt, is an easy project to make with the Boro technique, a few cotton fabrics in green, red and white off, to make a small quilt to decorate a door or to hang it on a wall in a corner in your home during the Holidays!

If you’re looking for a patchwork tutorial to make a project for the Holidays, today I will share the easy steps to work to make a Mini Quilt with a Christmas Wreath.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

How To Cut Your Fabrics

You will need to cut one or two strips of cotton fabric in thee different tones of green of 2 or 2 1/2 inches wide and cut these strips on pieces of 3 and 3 1/4 inch long, you will need as many pieces of fabric as you place them on the background fabric.

Cut a cotton fabric in white or off-white of 14 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches.

How To Make The Christmas Wreath Lay Out

On this tutorial, you’ll be working with the Boro technique, which is a Japanese technique to mend pieces of cloths, and it’s made by putting a piece of fabric where the cloth fabric is ware off, this piece of fabric is stitched to the cloth fabric with big stitches with sashiko thread, on this tutorial you will be using embroidery thread in green.

Lay the fabric for the background on your work table and start placing the pieces of green fabric to form a wreath, if you need to cut a piece of paper with the shape of a wreath, then go for it, mark the two circles of the wreath on the background fabric.

Place all the pieces of green fabric to cover the wreath area, change the pieces as many times as you want, until you like how they look, pinch as many pins as you need to hold all the pieces of green fabric on the background fabric.

Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

How To Stitch On The Christmas Wreath

Cut a piece of flannel of 16 x 16 inches, lay it on your work table with the pretty side down, lay over this fabric the piece for the background with the all the green fabric on it, pinch a few safety pins to hold the two pieces together.

Start stitching on the pieces of green fabric with big stitches, I did this step with horizontal stitches.

When you finish stitching on all the green fabric pieces, you can download the Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt free pattern and with a pair of scissors to cut paper, cut out the bow paper template.

Mark the bow paper template on a red cotton fabric and cut this piece with a pair of scissors to cut fabric.

Place this piece on the wreath and stitch it on with big stitches with red embroidery floss, one strand.

How To Decorate The Cristmas Wreath Mini Quilt

When you finish stitching on the green fabric pieces and the red bow, you can cut four circles of red fabric of 2 1/2 inches diameter to make four yo-yos and then you can applique these four yo-yos on the mini quilt.

After this step is done, cut some small red fabric circles of about 1/2 inch and stitched on the mini quilt with long stitches.

Sew on a few red buttons.

Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt Free Pattern – Bow and quilting pattern.

How To Quilt The Background On The Mini Quilt

On the free pattern, you have a paper template for the quilting, cut it out with your scissors to cut paper and stick the two strips of paper together, mark the quilting pattern on the background area with a pencil.

You can do the quilting by hand or with your sewing machine, it will look nice if you use a light gray thread.

Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

How To Finish The Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

When all the quilting is done, trim the fabric for the back with a pair of scissors or with your rotary cutter to the size of the mini quilt.

Cut one strip of fabric of 1 1/2 inch wide x 68 inches, stitch on this strip on the edge of the mini quilt on the pretty side, turn the strip to the back of the mini quilt and stitch it on like a bias on the back.

You can do this step by hand or on your sewing machine.

Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

To hang the mini quilt, you will need to stitch on the back of the mini quilt a wall hanging sleeve, you can red this tutorial here.

Your Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt is finished and it looks amazing!

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Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

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