Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

When you love to make patchwork, one way to use all those small scraps of fabric is to make a cute pouch to keep all your small belongings in a handmade pouch.

The Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch is a small project to do with an easy to make patchwork pattern appliqued and hand quilted with a small pocket inside, whether you make one for yourself or to give it as a gift to a friend or a family member this is a project that beginners and more advanced quilters will love to make.

Handmade pouches are a great way to make something useful with those pieces of fabrics that are always left after you finish your last quilting projects, today I’m sharing the easy steps to make one pouch with half Diamond Dresden Plate.

Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

1. Cut All Your Fabrics

Download and print up the Diamond Dresden Plate FREE Pattern Here.

Cut out the paper templates with a pair of scissors to cut paper.

To make the pouch you will need two pieces of fabric of 9 x 12 inches each one, these two pieces of fabric can be cut from the same fabric or from different fabrics. You will also need a piece of thin batting fabric of the same size.

Cut 8 pieces of fabric from two fabrics (4 pieces from each fabric) with the Dresden Plate Pattern, this step can be also cut from 8 different fabrics, cut one piece from each fabric.

2. How to Sew On The Diamond Dresden Plate

Take two pieces to make the Diamond Dresden Plate at a time, pretty side to pretty side, and stitch on as the stitching line marked on the paper template, stitch on 4 pairs, open and press the seam to the same side.

Take two pairs, pretty side to pretty side and stitch on, make two halves of the Dresden plate.

To stitch on the Diamond point, you will need to fold each piece pretty side of the fabric inside and stitch on, you can watch on the video how I do this step.

Press the two Diamond Dresden Plate and fold the seam to the back on the straight side, 1/4 inch. and press.

Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

3. How To Sew On The Pouch

Place on your work table the batting fabric, lay over it the two pieces of fabric to make the pouch, pretty side to pretty side, the third layer should be one of the fabric pieces and it should be with the pretty side down.

Lay over this piece the paper template, pinch two pins and mark the template with a pencil for fabric on the fabric, don’t forget to mark the gap on one side to turn the piece out. Remove the paper template and pinch a few pins to hold the three layers of fabric while sewing on.

Sew on the piece on your sewing machine, 3 mm straight stitching, don’t forget to leave the gap open to turn the piece out, remove all the pins.

With a pair of scissors for cutting fabric, trim the piece leaving a seam allowance of 1/4 inch, make some small cuts on the seam on any curved seam, do this step also on the corners.

Turn the piece out, and push the seam out from the inside with your fingers or with a rounded point pair of scissors.

Tuck in the seam in the open gap and stitch by hand to close the gap.

Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

4. How To Do The Diamond Dresden Plate Applique

Lay on your work table the pouch and lay over it the two Diamond Dresden Plate Pieces, pinch two pins on each piece to hold it on their place while you work on the applique.

You can do the applique by hand with small stitches all around each piece, the stitching can go all the way down to the other side of the piece or you can do it on the batting fabric. Remove the pins when you finish doing the applique.

Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

5. How To Do The Quilting On The Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

When the applique is finished, you can do the hand quilting with big stitches with two strands of embroidery floss.

6. How To Sew On The Inside Pocket

Cut two pieces of fabric of 3 x 4 inches, put the two pieces, pretty side to pretty side and sew on your sewing machine the four sides, leave a gap open to turn the piece out. Cut the corners diagonally and turn the piece out, push the corners out with your fingers or with a round point scissors.

Tuck the seam inside on the gap and top stitching the piece on the four sides.

Place the piece on one side on the inside of the pouch, pinch two pins and do the applique of the pocket by hand stitching, stitch on only three sides of the piece.

Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

7. How To Sew On The Zipper On The Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

Mark the middle point on the top and the bottom of the pouch and mark also the middle point on the zipper.

Lay the quilted pouch on your work table and match the middle point on one side of the pouch with the middle point of the zipper, image above, pinch a few pins to hold the zipper in its place.

Stitch on the zipper to the pouch by hand with a strong thread, (I’m using one thread of polyester), this step can be one with small stitches, one stitch and the next stitch will be back stitch, repeat all the way, by doing the stitching this way, it gives strength to the stitching.

When you finish the stitching on one side, you will need to do a herringbone stitch all the way on the edge of the zipper.

When one side of the zipper is done, you will need to do the same on the other side.

Always make a test, open and close the zipper to check if it is well done.

8. How To Sew On Both Sides Of The Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch.

When you finish sewing on the zipper, keep the pouch with the inside out, and stitch on by hand one side first with small stitches and then the other side.

Turn the pouch out and do an embroidery stitching with one strand of embroidery floss to cover the seam, this step will give more strength to the hand stitching.

9. How To Add A Final Touch To The Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

As a final touch I made a yo-yo to stitching it on the zipper, stuffed with a small amount of stuffing for pillows or a small piece of batting fabric.

The Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch is finished and looks amazing!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your interest of making the patchwork along with me!

Diamond Dresden Plate Pouch

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