BOM Quilt Blocks – November & December

Making any regular size quilt is always great, with every block you make, is one less block to make to finish the quilt, with the BOM Quilt, it takes longer to finish it as I have been delivering a new block to make every month, but today I will share the patterns to work on two blocks for November and December

The BOM Quilt Blocks – November & December, are easy to make with applique and some embroidery stitches that any beginner or more advanced quilter will love to make, and both blocks are designed with each month’s theme, I hope you like them and join the fun to make them.

BOM Quilt Blocks – November & December

On this tutorial I will share the easy steps to make these two blocks for the BOM Quilt, as the steps to make each block are the same, I decided to share two month’s on this tutorials so you can finish making all the blocks, on the next tutorial for this quilt, I will be sharing how to work on the borders so you can make the quilting sandwich and start working on the quilting, whether you do it by hand or on your sewing machine.

Download the Free Patterns To Make The BOM Quilt Blocks – November 

Free Pattern To Make The Bom Quilt – December here.

How To Do The Applique

Download the free patterns and print them out, with a pair of scissors to cut paper, cut out all the paper templates.

Place every paper template on the back of each fabric and pin it to the fabric, with a pair of scissors to cut fabric, cut each fabric piece adding 1/4 inch for the seam allowance. Make some cuts are on the seam.

Fold to the back the seam and you can glue the seam on the back or do some basting stitches to hold the seam on the back of each piece.

Lay each block on your work table and lay the bigger pieces for the applique, pinch one or two pins to hold each piece in its place, now you can do the applique of each piece with small stitches.

When you finish the applique of the big pieces on each block, remove the pins and make a cut on the back of each piece on the block fabric, cut out the fabric of the block from each appliqued piece, always leave 1/4 inch for the seam, remove the paper template.

Continue working on the applique of the rest of the pieces, follow the same steps.

BOM Quilt Blocks - November & December

How To Do The Blanket Stitch

When you finish doing the applique of all the pieces on each block, you can do the Blanket stitch on each block on all the pieces, with one strand of embroidery floss in dark brown or gray.

How To Do The Embroidery.

The embroidery work on each block is easy to do.


  • Back Stitch – Flower stems, sticks, apple stem, leaves lines
  • Long stitches – On the sticks ends.


  • Back Stitch – Birds legs
  • Colonial knot – Birds eyes.

November & December Blocks are finished and they look amazing.

Now you can sew on these two last blocks to the rest of the blocks.

BOM Quilt Blocks - November & December

Thanks so much for reading my blog and for your interest of making the BOM Quilt along with me.

BOM Quilt Blocks - November & December

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Video Tutorial:

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