BOM Quilt Block – September

BOM Quilt Block – September, is an easy to make tutorial with applique and embroidery beginners and advanced quilters will love to make!

BOM Quilt Block – September Block

September in Southwestern Quebec is marked by the time of picking apples, as I live in the country, where there are a few apple farms, everything here gets busy as it’s picking time. For this reason, I thought about an apple tree and a basket full of apples for the Quilt block of September.

1 Prepare Applique Pieces

Download and print the free pattern and with your scissors for cutting paper, cut out all the paper templates.

As this quilt block is made using applique method, you will need to prepare each applique piece using the paper template, to do this step, you need to place each paper template on the back of the fabric and pinch one or two pins, cut the fabric with the help of a pair of scissors for cutting fabric adding 1/4 inch or more for the seam allowance.

When the piece has some curved areas, you will need to make some small cuts on the seam with your scissors, this step will help you to fold to the back the seam with ease to give the piece the shape from the paper template.

Fold the seam to the back of the paper template and do some large basting stitches all along the piece. Your piece is ready for the applique, all you need to do now is to repeat all this steps to prepare the rest of the pieces you will need for this block.

BOM Quilt Block -- September Block

2 How To Do The Applique

When you have all the pieces prepared, you can lay all the large pieces on the block, follow the layout from the free pattern, pinch one or two pins to hold the pieces on the quilt block.

Do the applique of the first large pieces to the quilt block with small stitches, you can do this step with a thread matching each fabric color, or you can do the applique with a light beige thread, most of the stitches will be covered later with the blanket stitch.

When the first large pieces are appliqued on the quilt block, you can cut the quilt block fabric on the back of each piece and remove the basting stitches to remove the paper template.

Now you can lay the small applique pieces and work on the applique of each piece, when you have small pieces, to remove the paper template, you will need to make a cut on the quilt block fabric on the back of each piece and remove the basting stitches to remove the paper template.

3 Blanket Stitching

As this quilt is a country style design, the blanket stitching on the edge of each piece will add the country look.

You can do the blanket stitch with one thread of embroidery floss on your needle, try to make the blanket stitching small and regular on all the pieces.

BOM Quilt Block -- September Block

4 How To Do The Embroidery On The BOM Quilt on the September Block

The embroidery work on this block is easy to make.

  • Long Stitches – Grass
  • Daisy Stitches – Apples leaves and basket lines.

BOM Quilt Block -- September Block

When the embroidery is all done on this quilt block, it’s time to sew this block to the rest and take a look to your BOM Quilt, as you have now nine blocks done!

The BOM Quilt has now nine blocks and it looks pretty!

Thanks so much for your interest of making this quilt along with me, soon I will be posting a new tutorial to make the block for October.

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BOM Quilt Block - September

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