Flower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2

When you love to make hand make quilts, making floral quilts might be on your to do list, these quilts are always beautiful and today I will share the steps to follow to make the Flower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2, the Lilly of the Valley.

During the month of May, here in Canada, you can see many gardens start to bloom with the delicate and small Lilly of the Valley flowers, helping us to be happier with its delicate fragrance.

The steps to follow to make this flower on your quilts are easy to follow.

Flower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2 – Lilly Of The Valley

Materials To Make The Block # 2

  • A piece of cotton fabric on green
  • A piece of cotton fabric on lilac
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Template (you can find the template to download on the previous blog post)


Tutorial To Make the Small Floral Quilt Block # 2

Cut out the template and lay each template on the fabric, the leaf on the green fabric and lay the flower template on the lilac fabric and mark it three times with the same template.

Cut a bias piece to make the steam of the flower, it should be 1 inch wide. Once you cut the bias, fold the two edges as a bias, press with your fingers or with a warm iron.

Lay the Fabric Pieces On The BlockFlower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2

On the previous tutorial, I gave you the measures to cut all the blocks to make this quilt, you will use only one block to make this block.

On the free pattern, you will find a drawing that will help you to mark the line for the stem on the block, mark it down with a pencil or with a marker for fabrics.

Watch the video to see me how I lay the bias on each stem for the flower, pinch a few pins on each piece and then make a running stitches to help you to hold each piece of the bias while you work on the applique.

You can do the leaf applique on this step too.

Flower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2

How To Make a Lilly Of The Valley Applique On A Quilt

To make the flower, take one piece of fabric and fold 1/4 inch on the straight side to the back, press with your fingers or with a warm iron, then fold the two sides 1/4 inch and press too.

On this side, make a few running stitch and pull out the thread to gather the fabric, leave it a little loose, it should look cute, make a double stitch to keep the gathering.

Fold one side seam and place the flower on the block and do the applique of the flower on the curved part of the flower and fold the seam to the back of the piece as you keep working on it.

The same steps should be followed to make the other two flowers.

Flower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2

Well, the Block # 2 is done and it looks so cute!

Flower Small Quilt To Make Block # 2 - Applique FloweHope you like it and come back soon to make the following blocks to make the Floral Small Quilt

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Happy sewing!

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