Home Sweet Home, New Embroidery Free Pattern

Home Sweet Home, New Embroidery Free Pattern is a new embroidery to make with easy stitches everyone should try!

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re having a nice day, here, yes I’m having a good day, I’m happy because I could finished a new embroidery to share with you all here.

Home Sweet Home, New Embroidery Free Pattern

Last weeks had been a little busy but looks like I will have more time to do more on my quilts and embroideries in coming weeks.

Home Sweet Home free embroidery pattern

How many times I have seen those three words and never gave them a moment to think about how important a nice and peaceful home can be.

Wish age, it become more important things before they weren’t, I can remember now, how many times my elders told me that. Today I can smile to them in my mind, and I could tell them how right they were.

With latest news around the world, sad news, it is more important to me to find peace and good moments around me, they don’t need to be big ones.

Just a moment of peace at home, maybe a walk around the back yard, see how one by one every flower plant had share with us their beautiful flowers and sharing our yard with some small wild creatures (a skunk, a racoon, and some wild domestic cats) makes my little log house a Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home free embroidery pattern

This time I would like to share with you all, this little embroidery free pattern.

You will need:

  •  6 inches loop
  •  10 x 10 inches white, off white or light beige 100 % cotton fabric
  •  DMC 100 % cotton blue # 798, light blue # 800, orange # 977
  •  one embroidery needle
  •  6 x 6 batting fabric
  •  8 x 8 any color 100 % cotton fabric for the back


  • Back Stitch – for all the embroidery
  • Satin Stitch – for the flowers

This Home Sweet Embroidery is perfect for beginners to advance embroiders and quilters.

You will need to download pattern and print it out, then you can trace pattern on your fabric with a pencil or a marker for fabrics, with the help of a light box or a window.

You need to place the fabric on the loop to embroider.

Once you finish to do the embroider, you need to take the fabric out the loop and iron gently with warm iron on the back of your work, then trim the fabric making a 8 x 8 inches circle.

Place back your embroidery on the loop, and make a running stitch all around on the edge of the fabric,  I use to do this stitch with 100 % double polyester thread, when I reach the point where I started, I pull the thread to gather fabric, then I finish it.

I place the batting fabric circle inside the loop on the back of the fabric, I do this, to give some support to the embroidery, sometimes fabrics are so light you can see through it, with batting fabric on the back, embroidery will look better.

With the 8 x 8 cotton fabric, I also make a circle of it, I place it on the back of the loop, and with little stitches with a single thread, I sew it on the back, to make a fine finish of my work.

I hope you enjoy the moment while you do this embroidery.

Home Sweet Home free embroidery pattern

But this time I have a + for you, yes, I know, must of you love to do embroidery, but I have some nice friends who always tell me they are not too good when we talk about embroidery, but they like to keep their home beautifully decorate.

This time while I was working to get the pattern ready for you, I thought I might use the same pattern design to make a free printable for you.

The Home Sweet Home free printable is a simple one, but hope to help you out to keep your place a Home.

I thank you for making the time and read my blog.

If you find this little free embroidery pattern is cute to make it:





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  1. I was really hoping to get copy of your Home Sweet Home pattern. But there’s nothing in the picture box and I can’t seem to get it to work.

    • Hi Becky

      I’m sorry you had some problems to download the free embroidery pattern, I just checked this post and now is working good, hope you can download it without any problem now.
      Thanks so much for reading my blog and for your interest of making the Home Sweet Home embroidery.



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