How To Make Yo-yo Fabric Flower

There are different types of quilts you can make, but if you like those quilts made with floral applique, one way to make some flowers is with the easy to make yo-yo’s technique. How To Make Yo-yo Fabric Flower is a step by step tutorial that’s easy to follow to make Violets.

Today I’ll be working on the blocks # 5 and # 6 for the Floral Quilt, in one block I’ll be making a Narcissus and in the other I’ll be working with a yo-yo fabric flower to make a Violet.

You can follow these steps to make the flowers for your Floral quilt, you can choose those beautiful fabrics you have kept to make something pretty with them.

You can read the previous post to make the Floral quilt here:

How to make a Ruched Fabric Flower to make blocks 3 and 4 – You can find the FREE pattern to download here for the stem and the leaves for block 5 and 6 here.

The Materials You Need To Make the Blocks # 5 and 6 are:

  • Cotton fabric in different colors and/or prints
  • 2 Blocks of fabric for the floral quilt, you might have these blocks already cut and ready to work on them.
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Stick of glue
  • Paper (templates)

Video To Make The Yo-yo’s Fabric Flowers

Tutorial To Make The Yo-yo’s Fabric Flower

How To Make Yo-yo Fabric Flower - Patchwork Flower

How To Make A Narcissus Flower Application For Your Floral Quilt

How to do the applique for a quilt block.

The first thing you need to work on to make this block is to work on the applique for the stem and leaves, you can use the paper technique to give each piece the shape and do the applique with small stitches.

How To Applique A Narcissus On A Quilt Block

You can cut out the template for the Narcissus central piece with no added seams. Cut a piece of fabric bigger than the template, using the technique using the paper template to give the piece its shape using a stick of glue.

Place this piece on the block and pinch a pin.

How To Make The Narcissus Petals.

Cut 4 pieces of 2 x 2 inches from the fabric you’ll be using to make the Narcissus, for the 1/4 inch seam on two sides of each piece and make some running stitches on both sides of each piece.

With the help of a pair of scissors, cut the two sides with no seams to trim them as a curve, with a thread in your needle make some running stitches, pull the thread to gather the fabric, make two small stitches to hold the gather.

Place each petal on its place and check if the gathered fabric is well-placed under the central piece for the Narcissus, if it is you can stitch the piece to do the applique. Work on the same steps to do the applique of the other 3 petals.

Once you finish to work on the applique of the 4 petals, you can work on the applique of the central piece.

Make a cut on the back of the block fabric to remove the paper from the central piece of the Narcissus.

Your Block # 5 is done and it looks great, you did a great job!

How To Make Yo-yo Fabric Flower - Patchwork Flower

How To Make A Fabric Yo-yo Flower

On the next block you’ll be making a fabric yo-yo flower, this easy method to make fabric flowers is well-known by many quilters and people who love to add some applique to their quilts.

Today, as a new technique to learn how to make different fabric flowers on the Floral Quilt, it’s time to make a bouquet of Violets from fabric yo-yo flowers.

Make the fabric yo-yo

Cut 5 circles of 3 inches diameter.

  1. Thread your needle with a single thread of a strong thread, I use polyester thread, make a knot at one end of the thread.
  2. Make a running stitch all around the edge of the fabric circle (up and down stitches), this time you don’t need to fold the edge.
  3. Pull the thread to gather the circle, keep pulling the thread gently until the fabric all meets in the middle, make two small stitches.
  4. To make the petals on each flower, pass the thread over the yo-yo from the front to the back and put the needle with the thread in the center, pull the needle to the front of the yo-yo and take the needle to the back again, once you made the first petal, keep working this way until you make the four petals. Tie off thread and trim.

How To Make Yo-yo Fabric Flower - Fabric Yo-yo FlowersHow To Attach Yo-yo Fabric Flowers To Fabric

To attach the yo-yo flowers to the quilt block, lay each flower on the fabric and make a few stitches on each petal to sew the flower to the fabric, small stitches and it can be done with same color thread, once you finish attaching each flower to the fabric, you can tie off thread on the back of the block and trim the thread.

Block # 6 is finished and you did a great job!

Three more blocks to make to get the Floral Quilt Top finished!

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