Snowman Pillowcase Tutorial

Snowman quilted pillowcase

Winter always brings lots of snow here in Canada and that means it’s time to make a Snowman Pillowcase Tutorial so you can make one cute little fellow at home too. It won’t take you long to make it, whether you do the quilting by hand or by machine, it will look cute anywhere you … Read more Snowman Pillowcase Tutorial

Mini Quilt Tutorial – Pumpkin ( FREE Pattern)

Fall brings with it the right motivation to make a new Mini Quilt Tutorial – Pumpkin for the new season, how to make a Paper Piecing Pumpkin is today tutorial. Weather is starting to change and crispy temperatures invite you to stay more inside, soon the Canadian country will look amazing with the fall colors everywhere. … Read more Mini Quilt Tutorial – Pumpkin ( FREE Pattern)

How To Make A Baby Quilt Part 2

how to make a baby quilt part 2

Making a Baby Quilt is always a nice project to work on, because of its size it’s a quilt you can finish in a couple of days and it will always look nice. As I’m currently working to make this baby quilt for my grand child that is due in Summer I thought it would … Read more How To Make A Baby Quilt Part 2

How To Make A Baby Quilt

I’ve always loved to Make Quilts, but when I make a Baby Quilt this is something more special for me, A few weeks ago my oldest son gave me the good news I’m going to be grandma for the second time this Summer, and I can tell you I’m so excited about it, so I’ve … Read more How To Make A Baby Quilt

Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

Christmas tree mini quilt

Christmas Tree Mini Quilt As Christmas is around the corner, every year I get all my Christmas decorations to decorate my home for Christmas. I really have good time when I see again my quilted Christmas decoration I’ve made for my home, I’ve shared some tutorials before so you all can make them too, but … Read more Christmas Tree Mini Quilt