Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern is a step by step tutorial to make a block for the Sampler Quilt 2021, every quilter would love to make.

Bargello is type of embroidery that is made on a fabric with upright stitches laid in a pattern to create different patterns. Many times it is made to be used as upholstery fabric, and it can be used also to make some home decoration items as pillow, table runners and others.

Some quilters have been working to create the mathematical patterns used on the bargello embroidery to make their quilts.

As a new block for the Sampler Quilt, I want to share the steps to follow to make a block with a Bargello pattern, as this block is small in size, it won’t show the pattern on it all, but I think as the goal of making the Sampler quilt is to learn new patterns to make your quilts, it will be interesting to learn how to make a Bargello quilt.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

Materials and Supplies

  • 9 cotton 100 % fabrics in two color (7 in color A + 2 in color B) in different tones – from darker to lighter
  • Patchwork Tools – rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Safety pins
  • Sewing Machine

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern Step by Step Tutorial

1 – Cut And Stitch On All Your fabrics

Cut one strip of each fabric (1 3/4 inch), lay all the strips on your work table from the lighter to the darker, color A and color B.

Start stitching on strip 1 to strip 2, open and press, stitch on strip 3 to strip 2, but this time start stitching from the end of the previous stitching.

When stitching on strip 4 to strip 3, start stitching from the other end. Continue working this way until you finish stitching on strip 9 to strip 8.

Stitching on all the strips beginning the stitching from one and the other end alternative, will help you to get your project well done. This means, when you stitch on all the strips from the same end, you might get your project won’t get diagonal or twisted.

When you finish to stitching on all the strips, press both seams allowances to one side.

When working on a project to make a bargello quilt, you will need to stitch strip one to the last strip, on this case is to strip 9, to make a loop.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

2 – How To Cut The Strips To Make The Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

Lay the loop on your cutting mat, and make one fist cut on the edge to square the loop.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

To cut all the strips to make this block for the Sampler Quilt, follow the cutting directions I share below to cut each strip. After you cut each strip, label it or place it on your work table in order.

From left to right, strips should be cut :

  1. 1 3/4 inch
  2. 2 inches
  3. 2 12 inch
  4. 2 inches
  5. 1 3/4 inches
  6. 1 1/2 inches
  7. 2 inches
  8. 1 3/4 inches

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

4 – How To Arrange The Bargello Strips To Make The Quilt Block

Take in your hands the first strip and find the seam between fabric 1 and fabric 9, remove the stitches from that seam and the loop will open to make a strip, lay the strip on your work table.

Take now the loop for the strip number 2 and find the seam between fabric 2 and fabric 1, remove the stitches from that seam to open the loop, lay that strip right next to the first strip.

Continue working to open each loop on the right seam between the two fabrics and follow the order they should go.

You can follow the strip order on the image below to follow the order strips should go.

Note: When working on this quilt pattern, you might often when confused by the fabric order when removing the stitches off the seam, (it happened to me a few times) don’t worry, all you need to do is to stitch on back that seam and find the right seam to remove and lay that strip in order on your work table.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

5 – Stitch On All The Strips To Make The Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

When you finish opening all the loops, you will get all your strips on your work table like it’s shown on the image below.

Keeping the order of each strip, pinch a pin on the first two strips, then pinch another pin to pinch together strip 3 to strip 2, then pinch another pin to pinch together strip 4 to strip 3, continue pinching the remaining strips in order to get all the strips pinched with pins.

You can stitch on one strip to the next one on your sewing machine, don’t forget to work in one direction and in the other direction, as you stitch on all the strips.

When working to stitch on all the strips, as this is a small project to work on, you will need to nest the seams from one strip up, and nest the seams on the other strip down, so you can get better results.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

6 – Press The Bargello Quilt Block

With a warm iron, press the block.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

7 – Make The Quilting Sandwich

Make the quilting sandwich with the backing fabric under the block if you’re making this quilt like a Summer Quilt, in case you’re working on this quilt to make a classic quilt, make the sandwich with the three layers of fabric for the back with its pretty side down, batting fabric in the middle and on top the Bargello block with its pretty side up.

Pinch a few safety pins, and now it’s ready for the hand quilting.

If you’re making the Sampler Quilt with free motion quilting, it’s OK and it will look great too.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

8 – Trim the Bargello Quilt Block

As you might have noticed, the finished block is bigger than 10 x 10 inches, as we are working on 10 x 10 inches blocks for the Sampler Quilt 2021, you need to trim the block to get the measure of 10 x 10 inches.

After you measure your block, trim the block from the 4 sides to get the needed 10 x 10 inches, so the design gets centered.

Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

The Bargello Quilt Block Pattern is finish and it looks amazing!

This is block # 7 for the Sampler Quilt 2021 and the quilt is starting to get shape!

I thank you for your interest to make the Sampler Quilt along with me and I hope you’re having as much fun as I did working to make this new block for the quilt.

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Bargello Quilt Block Pattern

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