Sampler Quilt Block 20

Sampler Quilt Block 20 is a block made with the Six Pointed Star, which is a block that you will see very often on many quilts.

The 6 Pointed Star Quilt Block is a block many quilters love to make with their quilts, this block can make beautiful quilts and it can be stitched on by hand or with your sewing machine.

Sampler Quilt Block 20

How Do You Make The 6 Pointed Star Quilt Block

1 – Cut All Your Fabric Pieces

When making the 6 pointed star quilt block for the sampler quilt, you will need to cut all your fabric pieces first and lay them out on your work table as it’s shown on the image below, by doing this, stitching the pieces together will be easier.

  • 6 pieces cut from a strip of fabric of 2 3/4 with the 60 degree angle in your patchwork ruler. 6 pointed star pieces in the center.
  • 6 pieces cut from a strip of fabric of 3 1/4 inches, with the 60 degree angle and then cut each piece 3 1/4 inches.
  • 4 strips of 3 1/3 x 8 inches for the four corners.

Sampler Quilt Block 20

2 – How To Stitch On The 6 Pointed Star

The 6 pointed star will be stitched in two halves, on each half, you will need to stitch the two pieces of fabric to the central piece of fabric, press. This will give you the two halves stitched.

Lay one half over the other and with the help of a pin center the two halves together, stitch on all that seam, open the star and press.

Sampler Quilt Block 20

3 – How To Stitch On The Pieces Of Fabric Around The 6 Pointed Star.

To stitch on the 6 pieces of fabric that goes around the 6 pointed star, you will need to take one piece at a time and lay it over one piece on the start, pretty side to pretty side, this piece should cover one piece on the start completely and you will see one side will show the seam.

Stitch on the side that joins the two pieces of fabric and from the outside to the center, when you feel the stitching meets the seam from the two pieces on the start, make a back stitch and rotate the piece of fabric to cover the next piece of the star, stitch on that seam from the center to the outer point, open and press.

Follow the same instructions to stitch on the other pieces to the star, on the video you will see me doing this step.

Sampler Quilt Block 20

4 – How T Stitch On The Four Strips Of Fabric To The Start

When you finish stitching on the six pieces of fabric to the star, the block will have a hexagonal shape, to make this block squared, you will need to stitch on four strips of fabric on four sides.

Begin stitching on two pieces of fabric, follow the image below.

Open and press.

Sampler Quilt Block 20

Stitch on the other two strips of fabric, you can see which sides to cover on the block on the image below.

When you have the four strips of fabric stitched to the 6 pointed star, you can square the block by cutting the strips with the help of your patchwork ruler and the rotary cutter.

The block should measure 10 inches from the top to the bottom, cut the strips to square the block to 11 inches, to have some extra space to work on the quilting, the block will be cut again to 10 x 10 inches.

Sampler Quilt Block 20

6 – How To Quilt The Sampler Quilt Block 20

Lay on your work table the fabric for the back, with its pretty side down, lay over it the 6 pointed star block, if you’re making the Sampler Quilt 2021 with bathing fabric, place it in between these two layers of fabric.

Pinch a few safety pins and you can work on the quilting, whether you make it by hand or with your sewing machine, it will look great!

Quilt Muestrario Bloque 20

The Sampler Quilt Block 20 is finished and it looks amazing!

Now you have the 20 blocks for the Sampler Quilt all finished and you can start connecting the blocks together to make the quilt.

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Sampler Quilt Block 20

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