Sewing Monthly Blank Calendar

When you love to sew and make your own quilts, many times you will have a few different projects to make on the same month, along with your sewing and patchwork classes or reunions with your friends who share the same hobby.

Sewing Monthly Blank Calendar

The Sewing Monthly Blank Calendar free printable, will help you to write each month and all your projects you want to make during each month and your classes and reunions with your friends

Keep Well Organized Your Sewing Projects, Classes And Retreats

If you love to sew and make your own quilts, I’m sure you might be facing the same problem like me, it’s hard to find a pretty calendar to note all the projects I want to do in a month, along with the classes or retreats and shows I want to attend on a calendar with a Sewing and Patchwork design.

For this reason, I designed a monthly blank calendar free printable, that you can download and print it as many times as you need, you also can share it with your friends who share with you the same love for sewing and making patchwork, I’m sure they also might have the same problem of finding a pretty calendar to keep track of their projects, classes, shows and retreats.

What To Write On The Sewing Monthly Blank Calendar

As the Monthly Blank Calendar is written in English and Spanish, you will find it easy to write everything you need to on it.

Month’s Name – Write each month’s name.

Write Down The Dates – As every month is different, you can write the dates of each month on each monthly calendar in advance, you can find the dates on any other calendar you might have at home or on your agenda.

Write Down Your Projects, Classes, Shows and retreats you have on your agenda for each month.

Keep adding any other thing you need to do on the calendar, like things you need to do with your family, birthdays, events or any other important thing you need to do, by doing this, you will see how much free time you have to organize your sewing time or what projects you need to make to give them as presents for a birthday or any other event like a Baby Shower, or a wedding.

How To Keep The Monthly Blank Calendar

Print out as many copies as you need, you can keep all the months together with a sample, or punch the holes and keep them in a binder, or keep the months in a frame without a glass so you can hang it on a wall and it will be easier for you to see it.


I’m sure that you might face the same problem as I do, it’s hard to find a pretty calendar with a sewing design on it, so I decide this year to make one for myself, but also I want to share it with you.

I hope you find it helpful to keep all your projects, classes, shows and retreats well organized, so you can find more free time for your sewing and patchwork hobby.

Feel free to use it for your personal use and to share it with your friends, if you share it on your Social Media, I will thank you if you give me the credit!

Sewing Monthly Blank Calendar

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