Embroidery Stitches: French Knot (For Beginners)

When you love to sew and to make your own quilts, you might want to do some embroidery to make your project unique and prettier, the French Knot is easy to do and it looks always pretty!

Embroidery Stitches: French Knot

French knot is a basic embroidery stitch that is made on your project to make it unique and prettier, this is a stitch that is made by wrapping your needle with your thread twice.

There are many easy decorative stitches to do on your projects whether you’re making an embroidery or sewing a new garment, the french knot is easy to do and it will make your project unique and prettier.

How To Make A French Knot

1. Thread your needle with a one, two, three or more threads, the amount of thread you have in your needle will make this stitch small or bigger. Make a small knot at the end of your thread.

2. Bring up your needle where you want the knot to be.

3. Point your needle away and hold the thread with the other hand and go around the needle twice, then point the needle to the point where you want to make the knot, and be sure to hold all the time the thread with your other hand.

4. Bring the needle to the back side of your fabric, keep holding the thread with your non dominant hand while you pull the needle to the back of the fabric with your dominant hand, when the thread gets short on the pretty side of your fabric, release the thread and finish the stitch, you will see how well the french knot is done.

5. If you’re making just one French Knot, you can reinforce the stitch on the back of the fabric and cut the thread with a pair of scissors, but if you need to do more than one French knot on your project, continue to work on the next stitch by repeating the same steps on each stitch.

When you’re just starting to do embroidery, I will suggest you work on a sampler and make some French Knots until you feel comfortable doing it and you’re happy with the results, before you start working on a project.

When a French Knot didn’t work as it should be, the only way to redo this stitch is to cut the thread with a pair of scissors for embroidery and do all over again the stitch. When working on an embroidery project, some stitches are easy to redo again, by taking the thread off the needle and pulling off each stitch, but when working on a French knot, there is no way to undo this stitch.

What Type Of Thread To Use To Do A French Knot?

When working to do a French knot, it can be done with embroidery thread, when working with embroidery floss, you can decide whether to use one, two, three or more threads on your needle, when using one single thread the stitch will be small, but when using two or more threads on your needle, the stitch will be bigger.

The French Knot can also be done with Perle thread.

Can I Do A French Knot With Wool?

Yes, you can do a French Knot with wool thread, whether you’re working on a project with a regular fabric like cotton or linen, or if you’re making a project using a knit fabric or on a knitting project, You will need to use a Tapestry needle to make it easier for you, just follow the same steps to do the french knot, and it will look pretty when it is done.

Can I Do A French Knot On A Quilted Quilt?

Yes, you can do a french knot on a quilted quilt, but just work your stitch reaching only the batting fabric, this way the long stitches will remain hiding in the batting fabric and the back of your quilt will look pretty and clean.

You might need some practice before working on a quilted quilt, I suggest you do some french knots on a piece of quilt before you work on a quilt.

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Embroidery Stitches: French Knot

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