Christmas Mini Quilts Are My Favorites!

Christmas Mini Quilt

Christmas is just around the corner. I always wonder when is the right time to decorate the house for Christmas, and it always looks too early to do it. Weather is turning a little bit fresher in this part of the world, we use to spend more time inside. The first time I got here, my husband was worried about me getting “Cabin Fever”, it is known as people need to stay inside for long periods of time, as weather outside can be cold, after a few winters in South Quebec, I know this can be true, you can get tire and bore of being at “home” most of the...

Halloween Mini Quilt.

Halloween mini quilt

Hi, Halloween is almost here, just one more week to go, just in time for Halloween I finished this mini quilt. I wanted to make something small with some of the blocks I’m working with on my big quilt, and with just three blocks for Halloween this mini quilt is ready to decorate a corner in my place. I think if you get some ideas from me to make something small and cute, will be nice for you to make once in a while a small quilt to hang on a wall on your place. We don’t decorate too much our place for this time of the year,  just a...

Matilda A Quilted Soft Doll

How to make a rag doll

Matilda a quilted soft doll is here now. I had a few free hours yesterday morning, before I had to go to work, I had the idea for a few weeks to work on a new doll, as Christmas will be here in a few weeks, I always thought a rag doll will be a great present for any young girl, and you might have one or more young girls on your list of to do presents for Christmas. To give you an idea of how easy is to make one rag doll I have a full free tutorial today for you. You might have all you need to make Matilda...

The Perfect Patchwork Gift To Give.

Paper Piecing Pattern Fish

Hello, Being busy working on the quilting on my quilt, I didn’t realize a good friends birthday in just in two more days. This is why being a quilter, you can come up always with a good idea to make for a gift to give to a friend. Easy to make, cute and useful. While I was thinking on what to make for her, I got to think once more, some times people use to think Quilts and Patchwork is only to make big quilts or pillows. Patchwork can be as versatile as you want to. That’s it, patchwork is so versatile that you can make many things with it,...

How To Design A New Quilt, Full Time Job.

how to design a quilt

My new quilt grows every day, and I’m happy to see it growing! This quilt began with just one 5 x 5 block, so little, so tiny, and from that block I got the idea of making a full quilt with different blocks, all same size! Little I knew about all work that needs to be done to make a full quilt (queen size) with such a little block. This quilt became an UFO for a while, it stayed folded in a drawer for so many months, almost a year!, well I’m happy to tell you that I have done 49 different blocks, and the top begins to look big, big...