Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

As Christmas is around the corner, every year I get all my Christmas decorations to decorate my home for Christmas.

I really have good time when I see again my quilted Christmas decoration I’ve made for my home, I’ve shared some tutorials before so you all can make them too, but I shared them on a blog I used to have, for some technical issues I had to start this new blog with WordPress and those tutorials are no longer for you on the internet, but I would like to share them again on this blog, so if you want to make them feel free to download the free pattern and make it as many times as you want to, as this Christmas tree mini quilt could be make in one day and it would be a perfect Christmas present for anyone who loves quilts.

You need to click on the image here to download and print out the pattern.

Christmas Tree Mini Quilt Free pattern and tutorial.

Cut all the pieces you need for the Christmas Tree quilt.

You can use your rotary cutter and your rotary cutting mat.

8 green squares in different print fabrics

10 green triangles in different print fabrics

10 white o light beige triangles in different print fabrics

6 white o light beige squares in different print fabrics

You won’t need a Christmas tree quilt pattern as you’ll be working with squares of fabric.

Note: to make the Christmas tree trunk, you will work on two white or light beige squares of fabric with Paper Piecing technique, once you made them, press each square .

When you get all your pieces ready the first thing you need to do will be to sew together one green triangle to a white or light beige triangle, so you can make all the 10 squares for the tree made out with two triangles each one, press each square.

By this moment you might have all your squares ready to make the mini quilt top, you need to follow the image on the pattern and sew together the squares to make each one of the rows.

When you get all the rows made, press each one of them, and now you can sew each row to the next one according to the order on the pattern. Press the top.

You will need a strip of white or light beige  1 1/4″ wide X the long on the two sides, sew each strip to each side of the mini quilt, press.

You will need now two strips white or light beige, of 1 1/4″ X the long of the top and the bottom of the mini quilt, sew one strip on the top and one strip on the bottom, press.

With a red fabric, now you will need a strip of 1 1/4″ X the long on the two sides of the mini quilt top and sew one strip on each side of the top, press.

You will need now two strips of red fabric 1 1/4″ X the tong of the bottom and the top of the top, sew one strip on the bottom and one strip on the top of your mini quilt top, press.


Christmas tree mini quilt

As your top is finished, you need to place it on the batting fabric and cut a piece, one inch bigger on each side of the top. Hold the two fabrics together with safety pins.

Place the min quilt top and the batting fabric on a fabric big enough, this fabric must face down, cut out this fabric one inch bigger on each side than the mini quilt (batting fabric)

Your mini quilt is ready to be quilted.

Christmas tree mini quilt

You can quilt your mini quilt like I did by hand or you can quilt it by machine, I’m sure you will do a great quilting job.

Christmas tree mini quilt

Once you finish the quilting, you will need to trip the batting fabric, the mini quilt top will guide you to trip the batting.

Now you can trim the fabric for the back one inch bigger on each side of the mini quilt, and you can finish your mini quilt by folding the fabric for the back as it was a bias and sew it on the mini quilt by hand or by machine.

Christmas tree mini quilt

Add some red buttons on the tree to add some Christmas decorations, you can also add a red ribbon on the top of the tree.

Step back and admire your finished Christmas Tree mini quilt!

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