How To Do A Buillon Stitch

When you love to make quilts or embroidery projects, you might want to do some stitches to add more texture, the buillon stitch is easier to make of what you might be thinking and it will make your projects to look prettier.

How To Do A Buillon Stitch?

A Buillon Stitch is a decorative stitch and it is made similar to French knots but it has more wraps in the thread to form small bars.

Whether you’re working on an embroidery or a quilting project, the buillon stitch will give your work some texture and it will make it to look prettier.

When you’re a beginner or if you have some time making embroidery or quilting projects, but you want to do some buillon stitches on your project, I will suggest doing some samples in a scrap of fabric first, this way you will learn how to do it without the pressure of doing the right way from the beginning. After making a few stitches and you like how they look, you’ll be ready to start doing some buillon stitches on your project.

How To Make A Buillon Stitch

Thread your needle with the thread you’ll be working with on your embroidery project, it can be embroidery floss or Perl.

When starting an embroidery, you can decide whether or not to make a small knot at the end of your thread, on the video tutorial, I show you how to make some small stitches at the beginning on the fabric, so you don’t need to make any knot on your thread, this is how needlework teachers and artist do, so your work will be neat on both sides.

The needle should go down the fabric, and take it up where the Buillon Stitch should end, leave the needle half-way up in the fabric, and start wrapping the needle with the thread again clockwise, the number of wraps will depend on how long the stitch will be, on the video I do 12 wraps of thread on the needle.

Hold the wrapped thread on the needle with your fingers, and gently pull out the needle through the thread, and put your needle down to finish the stitch.

If the thread gets loose when you pull out your needle, don’t panic, this can happen often to beginners and to the more advanced needlework artists, with your needle arrange the thread at the same time as you pull out the thread, it might take a few times to get the thread wraps fixed, then finish the buillon stitch.

How To Do A Buillon Stitch On A Quilted Quilt?

When you’re making a quilt and you want to add some embroidery stitches on it, the buillon stitch will add more texture to your quilt, and it will look prettier.

You can follow the same steps to make a buillon stitch on a fabric, but you will be working only on the top of the quilt and pass your thread on the batting fabric, you can watch the video tutorial to see how I do it.

How To Do A Buillon Stitch

Hope you like this Embroidery Tutorial to add some more texture to your quilts.

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How To Do A Buillon Stitch

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