How To Make A Baby Bib Patchwork


Making a baby bib is easy, this time I will tell you the steps I followed to make a baby bib for my granddaughter.

One good thing about the fabrics used to make quilts is that they are all pretty, it’s easy to find two that will match perfect to make a cute baby bib.

It won’t take long for you to do some quilting by hand or by machine to get a block to make a beautiful bib.

It’s always nice to think about making something pretty to welcome a new baby to the family or in case you have a baby shower to attend on the next weeks to come, it will be a perfect gift to make for the baby.

When you start making quilts, soon you can realize quilting is not only to make quilts and pillows, you can make many things with this amazing technique.

You might have everything you need to make this quilted bib at home already, the material list is not long, you will need:

1 piece of cotton 100% fabric of 11 x 13″

1 piece of cotton 100% of fabric of 11 x 4″

1 piece of thin batting fabric of 12 x 15″

1 bib (you can buy one bib at the dollar store and unsew to get the back piece of it, I did this as the bib I bought had a plastic fabric on the back and I found it useful to help to protect the baby while she/he has its meals)

As you buy one bib to use the back fabric to make a new bib, it will also be helpful for you to use it as template.

Bias, you need to get one piece of bias to sew all around of the bib or cut a fabric of 1 1/4 wide and long enough for all around of the bib.

1 piece of elastic, the one that’s used for pony tails.

1 piece of button

1 piece of cotton fabric of 4 x 4 for the house applique.

1 piece of cotton fabric of 4 x 3 for the house roof applique.

Scissors, Sewing machine, thread, needle, pins, DMC embroidery floss.

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I made a video (in Spanish) you can watch it and I will write for you the steps I followed to make this baby bib.

1 Cut the two pieces of fabric and sew them together with your sewing machine, press.

2. With the help of your quilting ruler mark some lines on the top of the bib to make the quilting.

I used a drawing pencil (2b) but you can use a fabric pencil or a fabric marker.

3. Do the quilting by hand as I did it or by machine, it will look great too.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
5. Place the bib you bought on the back of the quilted piece, place some pins to hold it on its place.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
6. Sew the bias all around on the bib with your sewing machine.

Place the elastic band folded in one of the pieces that go around the neck, at the same time you add the bias to the bib.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
7. Trim the bib with your scissors.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
8. Fold the bias on the front of the bib and sew to close it with your sewing machine, this time I did it with a decorative stitch on my sewing machine.

And sew by hand with a needle and thread the button on the other piece that goes around the neck.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
9. Download the templates for the applique here, cut out the templates and place each one on the piece of fabric for them, mark the edges with a pencil or a fabric marker and cut out the pieces.

Applique the pieces with hand stitching.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
10. Do some hand quilting to add some texture to the applique and with some back stitches do the embroidery for the windows.

I did some quilting on the roof of the little house applique too.

how to make a baby bib diy patchwork
Well, the bib is ready, it doesn’t too long to make it and it will look cute!

I’m sure when you finish making it you will want to make a couple more to get them ready just in case you get invited to a baby shower.

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how to make a baby bib diy patchwork

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  1. Hermoso Alejandra y muy clara tu explicación, yo estuve haciendo unas babitas para mi nieta recien nacida , para que la mamá se ponga en su hombro al hacerle el provechito jejejj un beso grande

    • Hola Graciela,
      Que gusto tenerte aqui!, ya me imagino lo lindas que deben de estar las babitas que le hiciste a tu nieta, deben de ser una maravilla con lo lindo que coses tu! Siempre son muy utiles para las mamis y que puedan ponerse en su hombro a los bebitos y hacerles provechito, es una linda manera de decirle a la mami cuanto la quieres!!
      Un beso grande para ti tambien 🙂


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