How To Make Your Own Quilt

Do you want to Make a Quilt for yourself, but you think making a quilt is so hard? this time I will share some of my secrets.

Today I will share with you some steps I follow when I make a big quilt.

If you have read me before, you might know already I love to make quilts, I have three young adult sons and one grandson, two of my sons have already one quilt made by me, and last year I made a quilt for my grandson.

This means, it’s time for my oldest son to have a quilt for himself.

Ask your client about what kind of quilt he or she wants.

How To Make Your Own Quilt

That is my rule number one, ask my client what kind of quilt he or she wants.

Even I make my quilts mostly for my family, I like to treat every quilt as it was for a client, I will work on it the best I can.

I was chatting with my son one day, and I asked him if he would like me to make a quilt for himself. He answered my question like this: my wife would love to have one.

It’s a “YES”, they want one quilt.

At that moment, my brain started to think about the design, so many quilts designs… hmmm which one to pick for this quilt.

Next question was about the color, he answered to my question: your grandson loves blue!

Ok, next quilt will be in blue… and?

A few days later I was talking with his brother and I told him I was making a quilt for his older brother, this time this son told me, -hey, his bed is King Size!!

Ok, now I have the full order for my next quilt!!

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King Size Quilt, in blue!

I think I spent the next two week, looking to many quilts in blue and white, each one of them so lovely!! you can visit my Pinterest to see some I saved to get inspired to make this quilt.

The next step, once I decide to go classic with a star, classic but his quilt will be a little modern.

Then I began to look for blue fabrics, I had to wait weather got better and a day with no snow storm to as my husband to go to Montreal and another city to buy the fabric to make this quilt.

As I got all the fabric, I began then to cut out all the pieces and I began to sew it together, first one block to verify the size and make some numbers.

What numbers does a quilter need to make before to start a new quilt?

Do I want to work a lot on this quilt?

Do I want to make a classic quilt?

Do I want to make it easy to make quilt?

How big each block should be?

Does this sound familiar to you?… I decide to make a big star, but not too big, I needed to make 36 stars.

Some steps I follow every time I make a new Quilt

How to make your own quilt

As I have a half time job, I had to work on this quilt on my free time, I tried to make 4 to 6 stars every time I had the chance to sew a little.

How to make your own quilt

After I finished the last star, I took a moment to think about next step, as you can see here, this star looks classic and simple, next question was borders or no borders.

The answer to that question was no borders, as I want to make this quilt with a modern twist, but having four white-beige squares together, then the quilt will look more white than blue, so I thought about making a little star in each four squares.

I sew a piece of fabric on each square with no pattern at all.

How to make your own quilt

All stars are ready for next step… ironing!

Even my iron is blue and white as the towel I have to iron on it. Yes!!

I ironed every block, with a warm iron.

How to make your own quilt

Time to trim each block out, one by one.

Making this step will help you to get each block on the same size and sewing your quilt together will be easier. Take your time, if you find this step hard to do in one day, work a little today and you can do more next days.

All blocks are ready, and I will tell you how I worked to sew this quilt together and I will show you how it looks now on my next blog post.

I think you might want to take a look at the top.

Are you thinking on making your first quilt?

Do you make quilts?

I hope I have helped you with these steps I follow when I’m working on a new quilt, if you have any questions, leave a comment and I will answer ti.

You can always follow me and get the latest of my work on my Facebook page Alejandra’s Quilt Studio, and say hi to me there!!


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