How To Air Your Quilts

Today is the first day with warmer weather in Southwestern Quebec, 20 C, after a long and cold winter, it’s so nice to be able to go outside with no worry of dress up with lots of clothing. Seem those days are gone!

One Quilt Care Advice Is To Air Your Quilts

Sun is shinning and I can see many people around here would love to stay at home and go outside just to have some tan.

You know doctors say, after a long hard winter it’s good for health to go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

Quilts needs to get some sunshine too!

When talking about how much work it takes to make a quilt, and how much money you put on a quilt, taking care of them is a must.

I guess you have seen many pictures of laundry lines with quilts in the back yards. There is a reason for this, after long winters, quilts had stayed inside folded, it’s good for them to take them out and dust them out.

Place them carefully on the laundry line and let them get some air and sunshine for a short period of time.

Early in the morning before the sun gets too hard, it’s same as for humans, when sun is hard it is not too good for us, and cotton fabrics with bright colors don’t like hard sunshine.

After you let your quilts out for a while, fold them again, and take them inside, place them again in their place, this way your quilts will last longer.

Keeping quilts all the time in the same place, it makes they keep some dust in them, sun is good to help to keep quilts in good conditions, just for a short period of time.

It’s so nice to see them hanging on the laundry line in the air!

Do you have a new quilt project to work on this Spring?

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