Patchwork Best Kept Secrets

During winter seems like time just stop, one day after day look all the same, cold weather and snow ever where you look at,  and when March arrives, weather looks like it’s getting nicer, yard start to look like getting some green and I even could see some daffodils started to pop up, that moment after a long winter seems to be a priceless moment.

Then one morning on the news I heard a huge snow storm was heading to Quebec, hard to believe, eh?, when I was thinking on getting a nice weather again, a big storm was heading just right here!

And that was true, over 24 hours we got more snow that the whole winter, over 3 feet of snow, my back yard looked all white again, and no way to think about going out for a walk, it’s so hard to walk on that amount of snow!

Patchwork best kept secrets

Ok, some snow won’t stop me!

Well, after that snow storm, it was the time for the coldest weather to hit South Quebec!, so no chance to think about to go outside, it’s time to stay at home day after day and hope and wish for better weather!

Yes, just keep your hopes for Spring and Summer weather.

Patchwork best kept secrets

When a Quilt is more than just a quilt, and nobody told you that before.

I didn’t know how people feel about the “Cabin Fever Syndrome” , but now I know, and this is when I discover the benefits a quilt  making can give you.

When times goes by so slow during those long winter days in the dark, and you need to stay indoors just wishing for better weather to go outside, it’s when I discover the power of making a quilt.

Once in a while I got the visit of a lady bug on my quilt, not a good photo, but you can get the idea of that little bug checking all my work!. This can bring some amusement for me, just watching it walking from here to there on the quilt, looks nice to me.

Some times I get the visits of other kind of bugs, not nice bugs at all, then it’s time to call for a “hero” and then it’s time for my husband to take care of a “dirty work” and get rid of those not nice bugs.

Patchwork best kept secrets

A quilt is more than just a lot of tiny pieces of fabric!

When you’re making a quilt, it’s nice to see how every time you work on it, the quilt by itself comes up to live, looking for the right fabric, the color, texture or prints, then some embroidery stitches, and time starts to look faster, no matter how bad the weather can be outside, the quilt starts to look nicer and makes my days shorter.

Patchwork best kept secrets

A quilt is always a good company!

I thought I will get my first winter here in Quebec without getting a cold, well I was wrong, I got a bad cold that put me a couple of days in bed with fever, then I could get up and kept working on my new mini quilt, you can see on this photo I kept all the time a big cup or warm tea and some help for my throat at hand.


Patchwork best kept secrets

Today, when the quilt it’s almost finish, and I’m just waiting for better and warmer weather to go out to get some photos from it to share them with you, it’s time to work on the patterns.

Are you quilting along with me to make this mini quilt?

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