Maverick Star Top Is Almost Finished

Hello, it’s good to be back on my blog after the Holiday break!.

Hope you’d had a wonderful time also!

As here at home Holidays are quiet, and weather had been nice, I even could say we are having a great winter so far, not too cold and temperatures had been around 0 C, we have been lucky enough to miss a few bad winter storms.

My days had been filled with long walks outside and great time at the sewing machine working ton this top. I could even call this top as an old friend, as it waits for me quietly on a table until I take it again to work on it a little bit more.

And this can happens often as most of the quilts are not made in one day, some take more time to be finished.

But I think if I keep working on it as I have been working the last past weeks, and even one hour a day, just watching on of my favorites TV shows while I work on this top, it make the difference.

This morning, I could manage to work one more hour on it, and I can say, I reached one goal, all the Maverick stars for this quilt are done, now it’s time to think about a border for this quilt. Will I want to make a simple border for it, or will I want to make a more complicate border for it.

For the moment I don’t know the answer to this question, but I don’t want to wait another year to finish this quilt.

You will see me talking more about this quilt top soon.

I thank you for your visit and your time to read my blog.


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