My Paper Piecing Quilt Has Three More New Blocks.

Hello everyone!

Friday again, and this means weekend is here, how fast time can fly!

This weekend is a long here in Quebec, this means not a single store is open today, later at night there will be some party time to celebrate ‘National Party’, and my street is so quiet, I live just right next to a golf court, and it sounds so quiet today, just one or two cars on the street this morning.

I woke up this morning feeling like I didn’t make anything great to blog about with you all, I had in my head a few ideas to work on for a new quilting project.

paper piecing quilt

Hmmm, I’m already working on two big quilts, will I keep them folded and quiet until I start to work again?… so they will turn on UFOs?

That thought!, just thinking on it, brought to me the idea that I might be an UFO quilter!!

Starting all the time big projects, and after a few weeks working on them I just folded them with care and place them somewhere in the house, you know, here, so I can find it later to keep working on it, and next time I work on it, it’s two years later.

No, strong will won today, I put aside my thoughts about starting a new quilt project for the moment and I managed to work on my Paper Piecing Quilt all morning.

If you are still here with me, reading todays quilting adventures in that quiet little town in Quebec, you might be thinking, a quilter can be a strange person or you might be thinking I’m just like you, too many quilts to make, and it takes long time to finish one, it is so hard to stay focused just on one at the time.

paper piecing quilt

paper piecing quilt

Do you like to make Paper Piecing?

At the beginning, I didn’t like this quilting method, and today I may say, I haven’t fall in love with it yet. I find it a little too much to work than other quilting methods.

The true about this quilt is I started to work on it as a personal challenge, you know, people use to say, if you don’t like to do this or that, just keep doing and you will find it wasn’t that bad.

Last year I started this quilt, and of course, it stayed quiet in a place just in front of my work table, so I could look at it all the time, last week, I got back to it, and I did a couple of new blocks for it, and this quilt began to grow, it wasn’t anymore just a few blocks together.

It begins to look more like a real quilt

Today, I made three more blocks, it didn’t take too long to make them, maybe I’m getting better when I work on this PP

Today I can tell you I already have 31 different blocks on this quilt!

  • 1 – 2 hearts (pattern in English)
  • 3 -4 boats  (pattern in English)
  • 5 mushroom
  • 6 – 7 – 8  stars
  • 9 -10 cats
  • 11 plane
  • 12 cup
  • 13 log cabin (pattern In English)
  • 14 sewing machine  (pattern in English)
  • 15 strawberry (it doesn’t look like a strawberry)
  • 16 gnome
  • 17 beetle
  • 18 house
  • 19 doll
  • 20 girl
  • 21 – 22 flowers
  • 23 snowman
  • 24 pumpkin
  • 26 horse
  • 27 – 28 Owl
  • 29 Pinwheel
  • 30 – 31 hen
  • 32 bird
  • 33 plane
  • 34 butterfly
  • 35 basket

So far already 35 different 5 x 5 ‘ blocks for this quilt, my challenge will grow as I want to make every block different for this quilt!

Have you been quilting along with me to make this quilt?

If you already started your own quilt, I’m happy I’m not alone on this new adventure, but if you haven’t start yet to quilt along with me, today you can start, you can make like me, two blocks per week, and soon we will finish together the top.

paper piecing quilt

Adding Some Embroidery To The Quilt

As some blocks are for animals or dolls or girls… they need eyes, nose and some other things to make them look what they are, so today I also had enough time to work on the embroidery.

It is always better and easier to work on the embroidery on the top, before I start working on the quilting.

I work on a few, but I managed to get some picture of this cute cat before and after, what do you think?, I think it looks much better now!

I’m happy you stayed here with me, and you got yourself until this line!

If you think you will start working on this quilt, you always can PIN IT so you can find it later.

I will thank you if you share and talk about my quilt on your blog or your site, please share a link to my blog.

If you have any questions about this quilt, leave a comment!

I would love to hear from you too, do you like Paper Piecing?

Do you find Paper Piecing hard to do?

Do you like to work on your quilts on other methods? if so, which one do you prefer?

Before I go, I will show you something just a few quilts show about their quilt, but I think it is important too, the back side.

Paper Piecing Quilt

It is ok if the back side of your quilt top is not perfect, Quilts are made to have fun, relax and enjoy the moment. Quilts should not be perfect!

Have a great weekend



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