Paper Piecing Free Patterns: Heart 2 + Pinwheel

Hello everyone!

I’m glad I can share with you all two more Paper Piecing Free Patterns for your Quilt.


Heart Paper Piecing Free Pattern

Just one heart on a big quilt is not enough, so I made a second heart, easy to make, just adding some strips to each piece of this pattern.

This pattern to make this heart is also for beginners to advanced quilters,  you will have fun making it, it must be worked on two pieces, once you have the two pieces made, you only need to sew them together and your heart will be ready to be add to your quilt.

Paper Piecing Free Pattern Heart


Pinwheel paper piecing free pattern


One favorite Patchwork pattern is Pinwheels, quilts made with this pattern always look cute, this pattern is also for beginner to advanced quilters, making this pattern is a lot of fun, paper piecing method will help you to make it with no troubles at all, all you need to do it’s to make the four parts, then sew together two, to make a half of the pinwheel and sew the other two parts to make the other half.

Once you have the two half parts, sew them together and you will have your Pinwheel. Easy eh?

Pinwheel Paper piecing pattern

Well, two more patterns to work on this week,

Are you making this quilt along with me?

If you have any questions about these patterns, leave a comment and I will reply to you shortly.

Have a nice week!



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