Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial, follow the easy step by step tutorial to make a cute bag in less than 30 minutes!

When you love to make quilts and patchwork, you might have an orphan block you have been saving to make something with it, today I will give you the easy steps to follow to make a cute origami bag!

If at home you don’t have any orphan block to make the origami bag, you can follow the tutorial to make one bag with a piece of any fabric, it will look cute too!

Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Tools And Supplies

  • 1 Summer Quilt of 16 1/2 x 16 1/2″
  • 1 strap (length will be according of your needs, you need to measure the distance from your shoulder to the waist, cross body, then double the measure), you can make the strap or you can buy one
  • Sewing machine – Any sewing machine with straight stitching will work great for this tutorial
  • A pair of good scissors
  • 2 snap fasteners
  • 1 zipper
  • Needle, thread and some pins

Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Finished bag size approximately – 7 1/2 x 7 1/2″

Step #1 – Make A Quilt

If you want to make the origami patchwork bag, you need to make a 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 ” Summer Quilt (no batting, just make the quilt with the top and the back fabric)

The quilt can be finished with a bias like the one I’m using for the tutorial, or you can sew the top to the back fabric (right side facing right side) sew on with your sewing machine all around the four sides of the quilt, leaving a gap of 2″ open to turn it out. Turn out the quilt, sew to close the gap and do some quilting by machine or by hand.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

You can use any fabric for the back, it won’t show much when the bag is finished.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Step #2 – Fold the Quilt

Lay the quilt on a table, right side facing up, take one corner up to fold the quilt diagonally, make the two corners to meet up, press gently the fold with your hands.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Step #3 – Fold One Side To The Center

Take the point on the right and fold the quilt so the corner meets 1/3 from the opposite corner, press gentry with your hand the side fold.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Step #4 – Fold The Other Corner

Take the opposite corner and take it to meet the first fold you did, press gently the new fold with your hand.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Step #5 – Mark The Folds With A Pencil

Open each corner, and with the help of the patchwork ruler and a pencil for fabrics, mark a line where the fold is, pinch a couple of pins to hold the two layers of the quilt in one place while you sew on. Do the same steps on the other fold on the quilt.

Sew on with your sewing machine, straight stitching on both marks, you will need to reinforce the stitching on each end (start and ending of each stitching)

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Step #6 – Open the Folds

Place the bag on a table, and remove the pins, open each fold and place the open fold on the bag, do the same steps on each side.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Once you open the two folds, your bag should look like this (photo below), you can try both sides to see which side looks better, if your quilt has all sides the same, it will look great any side up.

You will need to stitch by hand the bias or the edge of your quilt where the two sides meet to make the outer bags, the origami bag will have two outer bags or pockets.

Origami Patchwork BagTutorial

Step #7 – Stitch The Snap Fasteners In Place

Fold down each top corner to meet the point where the bias cross is on each out pocket, and stitch up a snap fastener in place.

Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Step # 8 – Stitch Up The Bag Strap

Place each strap end on each side of the bag opening, pinch a pin on each end and you can sew on the strap to the bag, you can do this step by hand or on your sewing machine.

Step #9 – Sew On The Zipper

Place the zipper in the bag opening and pinch a few pins to hold the zipper in place while you sew it on to the bag, I did it by hand, but at home you can decide whether to sew on the zipper by hand or with your sewing machine.

The Origami Patchwork Bag is done and it looks amazing, you did a great job!

Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial

Origami Patchwork Tutorial Closing Thoughts

Origami Patchwork Bag Tutorial - Origami Patchwork BagWhen you love to make patchwork and quilts, soon you will end with a few orphan blocks or a few pieces of fabric scraps, if you are like me and save all those little pieces of fabric to make something cute with them, today is the day!

I’m sure you will find the Origami Patchwork Tutorial easy to make and you will be making more than one bag!

You can make as many origami bags as you want to, they will be perfect to be giving as a birthday or Christmas present!

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