Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec


Visiting a quilt expo in Quebec, the perfect “must do” in a beautiful Summer morning, and admire beautiful quilt’s from some Canadian quilters.

I live in a small and beautiful town in the province of Quebec ( Ormstown ), not far from the border with the United States, since I moved to live in this town I got to know there’s a quilting guild O-Ho Quilters, and they love to share their work every two years on an expo.

The weather has been fantastic in Quebec this Summer, so I was lucky to visit the Quilts expo early this Friday.

I made a video (in Spanish) but I think you will enjoy visiting the expo along with me and take a look to the beautiful work of the O-Ho Quilters.

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The O-Ho quilters group always share their work on the Ormstown Curling Club, it’s a very nice building with great lighting and walls big enough to display all the quilt’s in a beautiful way!

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

You can take a look to the inside of the curling club building and see how well display is the quilt’s expo!.

Some early quilters (like me) at the expo admiring the beautiful quilt’s!

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

An eye catching quilt made with 13 different blocks in blue!

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

You can’t miss doing a great job when you make a quilt with the Nine Patch block!

Beautifully hand quilting on this quilt.

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

Blue is always a good color to work on quilt’s!

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

And when you get a few scraps… another great quilt to admire!

Don’t miss to look at the small mustard quilt made with hexis.

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

There were two quilting supplies stores at the expo, so I got the chance to get a few new fat quarters for my next quilt!.

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

Some solids for a Baltimore small quilt!

Visiting A Quilts Expo In Quebec.

I must say, I forgot my “Eco” fabric bag at home, so I got a plastic bag, sorry for that, my mistake, I should have thought I was going to buy some fabric 🙁 I should have thought about it.

Well, with my mind full with admiration for the beautiful quilt’s I saw today on this quilt’s expo, I’ll be waiting while I keep quilting for the next expo in two years!

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