Easy DIY Patchwork Table Runner

Easy DIY Patchwork Table Runner

Easy DIY Patchwork Table Runner with three Sawtooth Stars with folded points, an easy patchwork tutorial beginners and more advanced quilters will love to make. Traditional Sawtooth Star Quilt Block The Sawtooth Start Quilt Block is one of the most known blocks for a quilt around the world, it’s easy to make and it will … Read more

Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial

Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial will take you step by step to make a pretty and useful small mug rug, an easy patchwork project to make.

How many times you have thought about making something nice with patchwork to give as a small present for your friends, something that will be appreciated and used every day, but it’s also easy and fast to make.

Patchwork will always help you to make big or small projects to give to your friends and family and this time Windmill

Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial

It’s so easy to make that you will keep making them all the time!

You only need to go and get those pretty pieces of fabric you have been saving to make something pretty with them!

If you have in your calendar a family or friends event where you would like to give a small gift to everyone so they remember this event forever, this mug rug made by you will be perfect for the event.

This mug rug is so easy to make, as you finish the first one, you’ll be making the next and the next and after a while you’ll get all the mug rugs you will need finished.

So, let’s get the materials to make them, on the materials list I will give you the list of materials to make one mug rug, in case you’re making more than one, all you need to do is to cut all the pieces you need to make one mug rug X the number of mug rugs you will need.


6 squares of fabric

1 square of thin batting fabric

The next list of tools and materials will be good for all the mug rugs you’ll be making.





Sewing Machine

Cutting mat

Rotary cutter

Patchwork ruler

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Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial

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