Snowman Mini Quilts Tutorials

When the Holidays are around the corner, it’s time to take a look to some Snowman Mini Quilts Tutorials, I’m sure you will find here a Patchwork project to make to decorate your home.

Snowman Mini Quilts TutorialsSnowmen are so cute and they will always help you to add that cozy touch to your home during the Holidays, I really don’t remember when I started to make my fist mini quilt or patchwork project with a snowman on it, but soon it became a tradition that I had to make as a new project every year.

Today I own a small collection, you can find on this blog a few tutorials and free patterns, all you need to do is to click on the link to read the tutorial and download the free pattern.

I hope you have a lot of fun as you make them as much as I did!

Snowman Mini Quilts Tutorials

1 – Snowman Toy Free Pattern

Snowman Mini Quilts Tutorials

If you love to decorate your home for the Holidays with snowmen, then I’m sure you will love to make a Snowman Toy!

I couldn’t stop myself from making another snowman this year, but this time it has to be something different, thinking about how the young kids like to play with fabric dolls I made in the past, I came up with the idea to make a Snowman toy with two different patchwork blocks as the first step.

I hope you like this tutorial and make not one but a few snowmen to decorate your home or to give them as a present during the Holidays!

2 – Snowman Mini Quilt Tutorial

Snowman Mini Quilts Tutorials

A great idea to make a mini quilt is to use those little pieces of fabric of any color to make the background with the crazy quilt technique, later you will do the snowman applique and the quilting.

This mini quilt can be finished as a pillow case to help you to decorate any corner of your home during the Holidays!

3 – Snowman Pillowcase Tutorial

Snowman Mini Quilts

If you love to decorate your home for the Holidays with a few pillows here and there, then you will love to make the Snowman Pillowcase, with a step by step tutorial, is so easy to make it that I’m sure you’ll be making more than one!

An easy quilting project to make in time to decorate your home for the Holidays, whether you make it with the traditional Christmas colors: red, green, yellow, and white or if you make it with the color palette I made mine, it will look great on any corner of your home.

4 – Mini Quilt With A Snowman Tutorial

Snowman Mini Quilts

If you’re looking for an easy tutorial step by step to make a mini quilt with a cute snowman, you will love to make this one, starting to make some hexies for the background and then an easy snowman applique, the quilting is so easy by hand or with your sewing machine.

It won’t take long before you finish this mini quilt to decorate any corner of your home during the Holidays!

5 – Snowman Patchwork Hand Towel Free Pattern

Snowman Mini Quilts

This is a cute PPP to make and it will help you to decorate a hand towel or you can add the PP block to any project you’re making.

This is a small PPP, designed for beginners who want to give it a try to Paper Piecing and make something cute and small, it won’t take long to finish it and see the results.

You can download the Free Paper Piecing Pattern and read the tutorial here and decorate a hand towel today!

6 – Snowman Mini Quilt

Snowman Mini Quilts

Snowman Mini Quilt

An easy PP pattern to make is this cute snowman mini quilt.

This is a mini quilt I made four years ago and I still remember how fun it was to design the pattern and make it with a thin batting fabric and big stitches quilting with self bias finish.

Sadly I didn’t make any pattern to share, but I think you can get the idea.

Snowman Mini Quilts Tutorials Closing Thoughts

Snowman Mini Quilts TutorialsI love to make mini quilts with Snowmen, they are always easy to make and they help me to decorate our home during the Holidays.

As I’ve been making at least one each year, today I have a small collection, I had given away a couple to my sisters, they also love snowmen and they decorate a corner of their homes with them each year.

I hope you like this post and you find some inspiration to start your own collection of mini quilts with snowmen, make one or two this year and next year you can make a new one, before you notice you will have a beautiful small collection of mini quilts to decorate your home during the Holidays.

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