Easy Baby bib Tutorial – Patchwork

All you need to make these easy and cute baby bibs is some cotton fabric with nice prints on them, a baby bib from the dollar store, and in a few hours you can make a beautiful bib for your baby or to give as a present to a mother to be. Easy Baby bib … Read more Easy Baby bib Tutorial – Patchwork

Easy String Backpack Tutorial

Every young kid would loves to have a funny String Backpack where he can carry all things he loves to spend good time anywhere! With this easy string backpack tutorial you can make one for your kid, just ask him what color is his favorite and I’m sure you’ll make him so happy, This tutorial … Read more Easy String Backpack Tutorial

How To Make A Baby Quilt – Part 3

Making a Baby Quilt with some applique on it, it’s always a cute and easy project to work on. It’s always nice to get the news of a new baby arrival to any family and it’s a great motivation to work on a new few projects to make for him or her. It doesn’t matter … Read more How To Make A Baby Quilt – Part 3