Easy Baby bib Tutorial – Patchwork

All you need to make these easy and cute baby bibs is some cotton fabric with nice prints on them, a baby bib from the dollar store, and in a few hours you can make a beautiful bib for your baby or to give as a present to a mother to be.

Easy Baby bib Tutorial – Patchwork

I will use a baby bib I got from the dollar store as a pattern, as these bibs have a plasticized fabric, it will help to make the bib good to keep the baby dry and safe while she eats.

For the bib front I will use a small quilted fabric, this morning I made two quilted baby bibs, one in pink with squares and one in blue with a log cabin pattern quilted fabric.

I will give you a short tutorial on how you two can make both small quilts before you make the bibs.

I did both small quilts one day before I sew both baby bibs the next day.

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Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork

For both baby bibs you’ll need:

  • Thin batting fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Safety pins
  • A baby bib with plasticized fabric (I got mine at the dollar store)

To make the pink small quilt you need:

1 1/4 x 1 1/4″ squares in assorted pink and green fabric cotton 100 % for quilting,

As some baby bibs are different in size, you need to lay the squares on top of the bib you have to make this baby bib, the small quilt need to be bigger than the bib that you’ll use for the back one-inch per side.

1 piece of batting fabric, one-inch per side bigger than the bib you’ll use for the back.

How to make the small quilt for the pink bib.

1. Cut out all the fabric squares to make the small quilt with your quilting ruler and the rotary cutter.

2. Sew fabric squares to make lines long enough to cover the width of the small quilt.

3. Sew all lines of squares to make the small quilt. Press.

4. Lay the small quilt on the batting fabric, place a few safety pins and do the quilting.

I used to make the quilting by hand, but you can do it by machine, I’m sure you’ll do a great job quilting for your small quilt.

How to make the small quilt for the blue bib.

You will need for this small quilt:

4 pieces of fabric of 1 1/4 x 2″ in a blue fabric.

A few strips of fabric of 1 1/4″ width x different long.

1 – Make 4 long cabin squares with the center and with four strips of fabric, these long cabin will have only one row of fabric per side. Press.

2 – Sew two log cabin squares together with a strip of fabric in between, and do the same with the other two log cabin squares.

3 – Sew one strip of fabric to both ends of each line.

4 – Sew one strip of fabric to the top and the bottom of one of the lines.

5 – Sew the second line of two log cabin squares to the first one with the strips of fabric on the bottom and on the top,

6 – Sew two more strips of fabric on the top and one more strip of fabric on the bottom.

Press and place the mini quilt on the top of one of the pieces of batting fabric, in case your bib is smaller than mine, you might not need to sew as many strips of fabric as I did.

But if the bib you’ll make is bigger than mine, you might need to add more strips of fabric than I did.

How to make both baby bibs.

You can watch the video, it’s in Spanish, but you can watch the steps I did to assemble the bibs.

Tutorial to assemble the bibs.

1 – Once you made both or just one mini quilt, it’s ready to sew it up with the fabric for the back (the baby bib you bought to make the baby bib.

2 – When you buy a baby bib, it comes with a finish with a bias, you need to remove it from the bib.

Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork

You can do this step with the help of a seam riper clothing.

Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork

3 – The baby bib has velcro on the neck straps, one is made from a soft fabric and the other is made from a sturdy fabric, leave this last one untouched, and remove the soft part.

4 – Lay the baby bib on the small quilt, right side to right side, and with the help of a pencil or pen for fabric, draw a line all around, it’s important to mark both neck straps.

You will notice one for the neck straps has a velcro, mark an “X” on the neck strap that has no soft velcro fabric on the small quilt.

5 – With your sewing machine, sew the velcro soft piece on the end of the neck strap you marked with an “X”.

6 – Place the baby bib you bought to make this bib, right side to right on the small quilt, and match the neck straps to the marks on the small quilt, place some pins to keep both fabrics on their place while you sew with the sewing machine.

7 – Sew all around the bib with your sewing machine, follow the edge of the baby bib.

Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork

Don’t forget to leave open 2″ on one side to turn the bib out.

8 – Trim all the fabric, and make little cuts with your scissors on the rounded edges of the bib.

9 – Turn the bib out.

You can help you to turn it out with the help of the scissors, pushing the edges out from the inside.

10 – Sew all around 1/4″ from the edge with your sewing machine, Close the open you left to turn it out.

Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork

Your quilted baby bib is finish!

Note: In case, you want to add some lace to the bib, you can sew it to the bib on the step 5. I did this step for the blue bib, on the pink bib I got a pom pom ribbon, I had to add it to the bib as a final step, after the bib was closed, by hand.

These adorable quilted bibs are perfect to help moms to keep babies clean while they eat, but also they are perfect to make to give them as a present to welcome a baby or in a baby shower.

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Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork

Easy Baby bib Tutorial - Patchwork




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