How To Make A Baby Quilt – Part 3

Making a Baby Quilt with some applique on it, it’s always a cute and easy project to work on.

It’s always nice to get the news of a new baby arrival to any family and it’s a great motivation to work on a new few projects to make for him or her.

It doesn’t matter if it’s knitting, crocheting, sewing, but making a baby quilt I can say it might have a special meaning.

how to make a baby quilt

A Baby Quilt will last forever, and it doesn’t matter if the baby is a new born, 3, 6 , 9 months or even older; a baby quilt will be handy anytime.

  • To keep the baby warm
  • To place the baby on it while he or she plays on the floor.
  • As the baby grow up it can be used as room decoration on a wall.
  • When the baby gets older it can be used as a Nap Quilt.

how to make a baby quilt

If you’re the mother to be and you like to sew, a baby quilt is always a nice project to work on, not big and easy to finish in a day or two.

If you’re the grand mother (like me, this time) it’s always nice to work on a baby quilt thinking on the new baby child.

If you have a friend who is expecting a new baby, there’s no better reason to get a few fabrics and make a cute baby quilt to give it to welcome the new baby.

A Baby Quilt is the Baby Shower perfect gift to make!

This time I’m happy to share you how I did some applique of a few little birds with applique, as I did it, it helps this baby quilt to be two sides, as the front and the back are good to be used anytime the new mom want to.

I made a video (in Spanish) but I think it will help you to see how I work on each step for the applique.

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How to make a baby quilt

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how to make a baby quilt

1 thought on “How To Make A Baby Quilt – Part 3”

  1. Good afternoon Alejandra.

    I really enjoyed your website and the lovely photos of the quilts you make.
    Very artistic and so full of colors a joy for the eyes.
    What a great idea to make this cute Baby quilt pretty on both sides. I am sure when you presented your gift the mother must have been very pleased with such a beautiful present.
    I have a very dear friend in Germany who also makes quilts. The first one she made was for her mother, the second one for her daughter and I was honored to get number 3. This is a quilt full of cats, we both are cat fans you know. This lovely quilt is lying on my bed since I got it years ago.

    Regards, Taetske


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