How To Make A Baby Quilt

I’ve always loved to Make Quilts, but when I make a Baby Quilt this is something more special for me,

A few weeks ago my oldest son gave me the good news I’m going to be grandma for the second time this Summer, and I can tell you I’m so excited about it, so I’ve been a little busy doing some knitting and planning a few more things to make for my new grand child.

As a quilter I want to make for the new baby a baby quilt, I’ve been looking for a quilt design to make and as you know this step can take some time as there’s so many beautiful quilts to make, but at the end I decided to make an easy quilt for the baby, but with a plus.

A Baby Quilt Pattern

On this post I will share you the steps I followed to make the top and the sandwich for the new Baby Quilt, on a next blog post I’ll show you how I did the quilting and the binding of the quilt, and It might be a third blog post to add some applique to the quilt.

This is an easy to make quilt as it has basic instructions for Quilting, if you’re a beginner, medium or advanced quilter, it will be fun to make it.

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how to make a baby quilt

To make a similar Baby Quilt you need:

1 piece of fabric for the reverse of the quilt of 35 x 41 inches

Cut the fabric for the border #1 into 1 1/4″ wide strips as the long of the fat quarters

Cut the fabric for the border #2 into 2 1/4″ wide strips as the long of the fat quarters, I cut 2 strips of 5 of the fabrics.

Safety pins to keep the three pieces of fabric together when quilting.

Wash, dry and iron all your fabrics before begining,

Cut 10 squares of 4 x 4″ from each one of the six quarters.

Arrange your squares

Lay your squares out in a 7 x 8 arrangement, you will end with 4 extra squares, keep them as we’ll do some applique later on the baby quilt. I like to do this step to look at the quilt in a whole before I start sewing the squares to make the quilt, this way I can see if the fabrics and colors do not repeat on the design of the quilt.

how to make a baby quilt


Sew your squares together with a 1/4 seam allowance and press seams, (I like to press the seams to the side, some quilters like to press them open).

Sew 7 squares together to make a strip, sew the 8 strips with 7 squares each one of them first and then you can sew the strips of squares one to the other to make the quilt top.

how to make a baby quilt

Once the top quilt has all the strips with the squares, you need to sew the border #1, sew all the strips to make a long strip, sew this border to one side first, at the end of this side cut the fabric, open the border and sew the second border, do the same with the other two sides of the quilt, press.

Sew the border #2 , this time you have different fabric strips, sew them together to make a long strip and then sew the border to the quilt the same way you did with the border #1, press.

Layer and quilt.

Cut a fabric piece for the reverse of the quilt 35 x 41 inches

To make the sandwich:

Lay the fabric for the reverse of the quilt on a surface big enough, could be a table, a bed or even on the floor, this piece of fabric shoul be right side down.

Then lay the batting fabric on top of the fabric for the reverse, on top of the batting fabric lay the top of the quilt, place a few safety pins to hold the three layers of fabric together. Use as many safety pins as you need to.

Your quilt is ready to be quilted, you can quilt it by machine or by hand quilting, I’ll be working on it with hand quilting, next time I will show you how I do the hand quilting and the next steps to finish the quilt.

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  1. Hi! What a lovely quilt you made! I’m actually curious about one of the fabrics you used. I had one just like it, but I used it all up, and now I can’t remember the manufacturer of the series. It’s the grey one with the large dots. Do you happen to know who produced this series?
    Thank you so much,


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