To Make A Rag Doll Is Easy, I’ll Tell You Why.

To Make a rag doll is easy, they can be made big or small, and they are always good to  be made from scraps leftover from your other projects.

Matilda is not the first rag doll I’d made, I’d made a few, and now all of them had been adopted, all of them live in their own homes with their families.

Must of them had been adopted by young girls, it’s nice for me to see how they are loved by their owner.

Rag dolls are easy to make, they don’t need to be perfect and it’s nice to see how well they are accepted by young girls as any other doll, this subject took me to look for some information to know why young girls like rag dolls.

The most important point about making rag dolls is to think about the happiness rag dolls can bring to young girls.

Rag dolls can be made from any piece of fabric, some times they are made with old cloths. They are usually made soft and light and easy to carry, some times they only have the body and head, and most of the time they can have legs and arms, their faces can be painted or just a couple of buttons for the eyes.

In many cases, for families with low income rag dolls were the only toy some girls had.

You can find all kind of paid and free patterns to make a rag doll, from the simpler and easy to the most sophisticated and elaborated to make. Christmas time is just about a few more weeks, you still have some time to make one, two or maybe more in time for Christmas.

Matilda has a sister now, for the moment they are with me, but I already have a couple of young girls who will get them for Christmas, I can’t write their names here as their moms use to read my blog.

You can also make one Matilda for that special young girl on your Christmas Gifts To Make For Christmas, the free pattern is here.
how to make a softie full tutorial

 If you want to make a different and smaller rag doll you can make also this cute blue soft doll made of a log cabin 5 x 5 block, easy to make in one afternoon!

It’s time to look for that little piece of fabric you kept to make something special !!

Let me know in a comment how many rag dolls will you make for  this Christmas.


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