Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial

Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial will take you step by step to make a pretty and useful small mug rug, an easy patchwork project to make.

How many times you have thought about making something nice with patchwork to give as a small present for your friends, something that will be appreciated and used every day, but it’s also easy and fast to make.

Patchwork will always help you to make big or small projects to give to your friends and family and this time Windmill

Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial

It’s so easy to make that you will keep making them all the time!

You only need to go and get those pretty pieces of fabric you have been saving to make something pretty with them!

If you have in your calendar a family or friends event where you would like to give a small gift to everyone so they remember this event forever, this mug rug made by you will be perfect for the event.

This mug rug is so easy to make, as you finish the first one, you’ll be making the next and the next and after a while you’ll get all the mug rugs you will need finished.

So, let’s get the materials to make them, on the materials list I will give you the list of materials to make one mug rug, in case you’re making more than one, all you need to do is to cut all the pieces you need to make one mug rug X the number of mug rugs you will need.


6 squares of fabric

1 square of thin batting fabric

The next list of tools and materials will be good for all the mug rugs you’ll be making.





Sewing Machine

Cutting mat

Rotary cutter

Patchwork ruler

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Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug Tutorial

Easy Patchwork Mug Rug Tutorial

windmill cathedral window mug rug tutorial

Step 1

As you can see on the photo above, you can see all the steps you will be working on to make the Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug.

On the Step 1 you will need to cut 6 pieces of fabric, you will need 3 of the same fabric and one in a different fabric (light pink). You need to fold each one of these pieces of fabric to make a triangle, press lightly each square of fabric with your fingers.

Square # 5 will be in a different fabric (dark pink) and square # 6 can be in from the same fabric as square # 5 or from a different fabric.

Step 2

Take square # 5 and lay over it the four squares of fabric folded, as you lay each one of the triangles lift one half of the triangle and lay the next one, you can see on the photo above, how the four triangles should be laid on #2

You can pinch a pin on each triangle to keep all the pieces together as you run you’re sewing machine on the edge.

On the picture you can see the #3, the square of fabric you used to lay over it the four triangles has a cut close to one corner, you can make the cut with the help of your scissors, pinch the fabric with your fingers and make a small cut with the scissors, you can make another cut with the scissors next to make the cut a little bigger.

windmill cathedral window tutorial

Step 3

In case you’re making more than one mug rug at the same time, you can make the same steps on all the mug rugs you’ll be making at the same time.

On the photo above I show you how I ran the sewing machine one mug rug after the other.

Step 4

On this step you need to lay over each mug rug the square of fabric that you will use for the back of the mug rug, right side to right side.

Lay the thin batting fabric on top, pinch two or three pins to hold all the layers of fabric together.

Turn the mug rug so you can see the piece of fabric where you ran the sewing machine on the edge, it will guide you as you run you’re sewing machine on each mug rug to sew all the layers of fabric together, this time run you’re sewing machine 1/4″ from the edge.

Trim the four corners of each mug rug diagonally.

Turn out each mug rug, use the cut you did on the square #5 to do this step.

Use the scissors to push out each corner.

Step 5

It’s time to fold back the fold on each triangle and make the Windmill, as you fold back the fold, make little stitches as you do when you work on the Cathedral Window or when you do the applique.

Step 6

As a final touch, make a quilting stitches all around the edge of each mug rug.

Congratulations, your Windmill Cathedral Window Mug Rug is finished and it looks fantastic!

windmill cathedral window mug rug tutorial

I’m sure after you finished to make one mug rug you’ll be surprise how easy is to make it and now you’ll be making a few more of them.

Having your cup of coffee or tea with a mug rug made by you will become a moment to enjoy more!

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windmill cathedral window tutorial




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  1. I just saw your video for these. I like them very much for Holidays and everyday. I love the trickery of turning inside out so the cut square is concealed under the folded triangles. Very nice!

  2. Hola Alejandra,
    I came across your written tutorial today but also watched your video so I could watch your hands making it. I LOVE it and will start making some today! J’ai été fière de bien comprendre vos instructions en espagnol, grâce à ma langue maternelle. J’ai lu que vous demeurez au Québec ou je suis née alors je crois que vous parlez aussi le français. J’adore la couture moi aussi alors j’apprécie énormément vos instructions et je vais continuer à visiter votre site. Bravo Alejandra.
    Solange (qui a maintenant la nostalgie du Québec et ses cabines en bois rond).

    • Hi Solange,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment on my blog, my mother tongue is Spanish, and the second language is English, I moved to live in Quebec a little bit more than 10 years ago, as my husband is an English speaking Canadian, we both speak this language at home, I’m working on learning more French, I can read and understand your comment, and I also read your mother tongue is Spanish, you can write here in Spanish, we can talk better in this language.
      Thanks so much for reading my blog and I will keep making more tutorials to share with you all.
      Have a great day!


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