How To Make Your Own Patchwork Jeans

DIY Patchwork Jeans is a tutorial to share the steps I follow to sew some Patchwork Blocks on a pair of jeans

How to make your own Patchwork Jeans is a DIY where I´m going to share the steps I did to make my own pair of jeans with patchwork.

You might have seen lately some beautiful jeans with patchwork on the internet, a few clothing brands came up with the idea to bring back those jeans decorated with patchwork blocks on them that takes us to the years 70´s fashion.

How To Make Your Own Patchwork Jeans

With no doubt at all, these jeans look amazing!

The good news is, for any quilter making a pair of jeans with patchwork blocks on them will be an easy challenge to do.

I´m sure that you might have a few patchwork blocks that you make extra for a quilt at home, you might have saved them with the idea to make something nice with them.

What a better idea to decorate a good pair of jean with one, two or even three or four different patchwork blocks and make of those jeans a fantastic and unique pair of jeans!

Today, I´m going to share with you the steps I followed to make a small pair of jeans for my grand-daughter, but at home you can add some patchwork blocks to any size of jeans, no matter sizes the steps to follow will be the same.

Materials you will need to make your own jeans with patchwork

1  pair of jeans
Patchwork blocks
Polyester or cotton thread
Sewing machine (in case you prefer to sew on your sewing machine)


 Watch the video here

DIY Patchwork Jeans

Step 1

Choose the pair of jeans that you want to decorate with the patchwork blocks and put them on your work table.

Step 2

Make the patchwork blocks or look for one, two, three or four patchwork blocks that you have been keeping to make something with them later.

Press the patchwork blocks.

Step 3

Lay the patchwork blocks over your jeans.

How To Make Your Own Patchwork Guide

Step 4

Pinch a few pins on the patchwork blocks to keep them on their place while you work on them.

Step 5

Make big running stitches on the patchwork blocks to keep the blocks on their place while you work on the applique, I like to do this step as I found the running stitches keep any piece of fabric on its place without moving while I do the applique, pins can often get lose and the prices of fabric can easily move.

Step 6

Make the applique of the patchwork blocks on the jeans, you need to follow the steps to do the applique.

Fold the 1/4” seam inside and make small stitches on the edge of each side of each one of the patchwork blocks.

How To Make Your Own Patchwork Guide

Step 7

Make some quilting stitches on the patchwork blocks, you can decide whether to make the hand quilting or making it with your sewing machine.

You can do the quilting with a beige or off white thread or pick another color to do the quilting, both ways will look nice.

Once you finished to make the quilting, you can remove the running stitches.

Voila! your jeans looks amazing and they are ready!

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how to make jeans with patchwork

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