10 Hand Quilting Patterns

Hand Quilting Patterns will give you a list of different ways to do the quilting on your new quilt to give it its own texture.

When you love to make quilts, you might enjoy as much as I do working on the hand quilting and see how every stitch you made will transform three layers of fabric into a beautiful quilt.

The art of making quilts is so creative and it will help you to make unique and beautiful quilts.

Whether you’re working on a quilt pattern from a quilter designer or working on your own quilt pattern, it comes the moment to decide what hand quilting stitches you should do on your quilt.

Today I will share a list of different Hand Quilting Patterns or stitches you can do on your new quilt.

10 Hand Quilting Patterns

1 – Outline Quilting

This is a single row of stitches that outline a pieced or applique block on a quilt, it can be done by hand or with your sewing machine, this is the most used quilting method to highlight any shape on a quilt.

Most quilters might not need to mark the lines to follow when working on the outline quilting, as it’s done 1/4 inch from the seam of each piece on your quilt block.

Hand Quilting Patterns

2 – Crosshatch Quilting

The Crosshatch quilting pattern is made by marking lines diagonally from one corner to the other in both directions in a square on your quilt.

Hand Quilting Patterns

3 – Template Quilting Designs

The hand quilting on any quilt can be made using any template, you can find beautiful quilts made using this method, the most common is the feather quilting, chains, flowers, leaves, curves and other different shapes.

Any quilter can decide whether to use a premade template or to design their owns.

When you want to design your own quilting templates to use on a quilt, you can make some drawings with a pencil (HB or 2B) on a piece of paper the same size as the template needed and make some sketches until you like one to use on your quilt.

Cut out the paper template and glue the paper template on a piece of thin cardboard (cereal box), cut out the template and it’s ready to be used by laying it over the quilt and trace the template with a pencil or a marker for fabrics.

*Always make a test first on a scrap of fabric, to see if you like how the templates looks like when is quilted and also test the pencil or marker for the fabric.

Hand Quilting Patterns

4 – Crazy Quilt Hand Quilting Pattern

Whether you’re new to quilting or if you have been quilting for a while, you might have seen the embroidery work on a Crazy Quilt.

You can also make your hand quilting using embroidery stitches with embroidery floss to highlight your quilts.

Hand Quilting Patterns

5 – Shadow Hand Quilting Pattern

Shadow hand quilting work is made to follow the shape of a piece on a quilt block, whether is done by piecing or with applique. I will be done one, two or more times.

Quilting lines can be made 1/4 inch apart or bigger.

Hand Quilting Patterns

6 – Horizontal or Vertical Hand Quilting Pattern

Nothing easier to work on a quilt at the time to work on the quilting than making horizontal or vertical hand quilting stitching.

It can be done by marking the lines apart with a certain measure or it can be done following a pattern on the fabric.

Hand Quilting Patterns

7 – Square or Diamond Quilting Stitching

The square or diamond quilting on your quilt will give it an elegant and classic pattern on your quilt.

It can be made by tracing lines with 60 degrees angle in both directions, you will decide the distance between lines for every quilt.

An easy way to work on the Square or diamond quilting on any quilt is when you use a fabric with a print on it that will help you to quilt straight lines in both directions.

Hand Quilting Patterns

8 – Freeform Quilting / Stipple Quilting

When you see a quilt that is done with the free motion quilting, with soft curves with puzzle shapes, this is what is called Stipple Quilting, and it can be done by hand or with your sewing machine.

The stipple quilting can be used on small blocks or it can be used to fill up a big block or whenever you have a big space on a quilt with no piecing or any applique.

It can be made with the same color thread as the fabric or it can be with a different thread color to stand out.

9 – Stitch In The Ditch Quilting

Stitch in the Ditch on a quilt means that the quilting is made right next to the seam lines, it can be made by hand or with your sewing machine.

In both cases, whether you made it by hand or with your sewing machine, when stitching in the ditch, you will need to handle a few layers of fabric at the same time, this can be a challenge when you work with your sewing machine, and need to be precise and careful of not breaking the sewing machine often.

When working on Stitch in the Ditch by hand, the challenge is to work on many layers of fabric at the same time, which can be a real challenge and you need to get used to work with a thimble to protect your fingers.

When working on stitch in the ditch on a quilt, you can use a different thread color to highlight a piece or shape in your quilt from the rest.

10 – Sashiko Hand Quilting Pattern

Sashiko is a Japanese hand stitching for mending old pieces of clothing and make them to last longer, this stitching method is used also to add extra layers of fabric to any garment to provide more protection to people when weather turns cool.

Quilters have been adding Sashiko stitches pattern to their quilts to make them more beautiful, and I totally agree, Sashiko stitches can turn any piece of clothing into a beautiful piece of art.

I wanted to try it, so I designed my own template with a classic Sashiko stitching pattern for a Journal Quilt border, I worked on the stitching with white embroidery floss.

Hand Quilting Patterns

10 Hand Quilting Patterns To Make on your next quilt Closing Thoughts

The Hand Quilting not only gives texture to a quilt at the same time that holds the three layers of fabric to make the quilt, but it will add to each quilt a design that will make of your quilt a unique piece of art.

As a quilter, you will be making more than one quilt, you might follow a pattern and follow the instrauctions to make the piecing of the top and at the time of working on the hand quilting you might follow the instructions from each quilt pattern.

As you keep working on making more quilts, you might want to try something different to make your quilt unique, this is when you might want to try a different hand quilting stitch on your quilt.

I hope this post helps you to know more about the different hand quilting stitches to make in a quilt, you can work on just one type on a quilt or you can use more than just one on your next quilt!

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Hand Quilting Patterns

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