Easy Patchwork Glasses Case (Tutorial)

An Easy Patchwork Glasses Case tutorial to make with one block you have already made at home, it only will take a few steps to make it!

When you love to make patchwork, I’m sure you’ll love to find a tutorial to make something easy and useful for yourself or to give it as a present to a family member or to a good friend.

Many times after you finish making a new quilt top, you might end with one or two orphan blocks, this tutorial will give you the steps to make a useful glasses case.

On this tutorial I’m going to be working with circles with a Dresden Plate, but at home you can use any orphan block, all you need is to cut a circle out of the block, then follow the rest of the steps to make the glasses case.

Whether you make it for your self or to give it away as a present, I’m sure you’ll love this tutorial and you’ll be making more than one.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case (Tutorial)


1 paper circle of 8.5 ” to be used as template

1 circle cut out from an orphan patchwork block of 8.5 ”

1 piece of thin batting fabric of 10 x 10 ”

1 piece of fabric of 10 x 10 for the inside of the glasses case

Thread (the one you used to make the patchwork blocks)

DMC embroidery floss

1 Button

Pins, safety pins, scissors, sewing machine, needle.


Easy Patchwork Glasses Case Tutorial

Step 1

On this step you’ll need to get all the materials you’ll used to make the glasses case.

In case you’re using one already made orphan patchwork block, you can skip the instructions to make the Dresden Plate.

To make the Dresden Plate, you’ll need to cut out 8 pieces from 4 different cotton fabric, you need to sew two times with 4 pieces together with you’re sewing machine to make two halves of the Dresden Plate, press.

Lay one half over the other and pinch two pins, sew the two halves together, open and press.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 2

Fold two times the circle of fabric and press, you can see how I did it to mark the center of the circle, lay over this piece the Dresden Plate and pinch a few pins.

Applique the Dresden Plate to the circle.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 3

On this photo below, you can see how this piece looks like once you did the applique of the Dresden Plate on the circle.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 4

Turn over this piece, and with the help of a pointed scissors, make a little cut in the circle, and once you did the first cut, trim the fabric, follow the shape of the Dresden Plate and leave 1/4 to 1/2 ” as a seam allowance.

Lay the circle template over this piece on the back side, and trace the circle with the help of a pencil.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 5

Lay this piece over the fabric you’ll be using for the inside of the glasses case, and lay under this fabric the battin fabric. Pinch a few pins.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 6

Run you’re sewing machine all around the circle. Remove the pins.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 7

Trim around the circle the fabric for the inside and the batting fabric with the help of a pair of scissors.

Make little cuts with the scissors all around the circle.

Undo the sewing in one piece of the Dresden Plate, and turn out the piece.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 8

Pinch a few safety pins and do the quilting, this time I used the DMC embroidery floss to make the hand quilting.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 9

This is how it looks when you finish the quilting.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 10

Turn the piece to the other side and place a pair of glasses on it, fold the two sides as it’s shown on the photo below and pinch two pins on each side, one up and one down.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Step 11

Make a few stitches with your needle and regular thread where each pin is.

Fold the lower side of the piece up and mark where to sew the button, fold the upper side of the piece down and mark where to sew the button hole.

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

Congratulations, you made it and it looks amazing!

Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

This is an easy Patchwork tutorial to make, I’m sure after you make the first one you’ll be making more to give them as a present to someone who use glasses!

Looking to make something different with the Patchwork? visit the Free Pattern’s Page, I’m sure you’ll find the Patchwork tutorial you’re looking for!

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Easy Patchwork Glasses Case

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