Patchwork Bag Hexies Tutorial For Beginners

How to make a Patchwork Hexies Bag is a tutorial step by step to make a cute bag made of hexies all hand stitched, you’ll be surprised by the step #1

An easy way to make this Patchwork Bag starting in a different way, the bag is made with hexies but you’ll be cutting circles from the fabric to make it!

This bag is all hand sew which it makes it different and unique.

Easy to make and after you finish it, you’ll be making more than one, just like it happened to me.

Making this Patchwork Hexies Bag for you or to give it as a present to your best friend or maybe thinking in advance for Christmas presents, you’ll have lots of fun making it.

Materials To Make The Patchwork Bag Hexies

This is an easy Patchwork bag to make that will need just a few things to be make.

I’m sure you might have at home everything that you need to make it, it will take you more time to draw the circle to make the template that making the bag.

You will need:

6 circles in color A

6 Circles in color B

3 Circles in color C

13 hexies of the batting fabric

1 Zipper 8″

DMC embroidery floss

Needle, scissors, pins, thread

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Patchwork Hexies Bag Tutorial

Have you seen this method how to make hexies from circles before? if you have, you know how great it works, it’s so easy to make the hexies with circles, all you need to do is to cut out some circles from a fabric and make the hexies.

If you haven’t seen this method before, it’s easy to work with it to make hexies, I’ll give you the steps to follow on this tutorial.

Step 1

For this tutorial I use a circle made out from a 4 1/2″, you can use anything round in your house to trace the circle on an old magazine page or you can also use a discarded cereal box. Cut the circle out from the magazine page with a scissors for paper. This paper circle will be the template to trace and cut all the circles you need from fabric.

Choose from your fabric stash three different colors or design fabric that you will use to make the Patchwork Hexies Bag.

Trace the circle template on your fabric with a pencil or a pen for fabric.

Next, cut the fabric circles out.

Now, fold the circles in half twice, making a pie wedge shape, press. As you work on this step, you’ll be making two pressed lines that intersect in the middle of the circle, you can do this step of pressing with your fingers,

Fold one side of the circle where one of the pressed lines are to the center of the circle, the pressed line should be aligned and press the fold of the circle.

Next, take one of the points of the folded line of the circle to the center to make the second side of the hexie and press with your fingers.

Continue to take the point of the side you just folded to the center of the circle and press every side, keep doing this step until you have the six sides of the hexie made.

Pinch one pin on the first hexie and use this hexie as a template to cut out 15 hexies from the batting fabric.

Next, open the fabric hexie and place one batting fabric hexie inside the fabric hexie and start folding over the batting fabric the first side of the hexie.

Thread your needle with an approved colored thread, and make two little stitches to sew the first side of the hexie to the batting fabric.

Fold the second side of the hexie and make another two little stitches to sew this side of the fabric to the batting fabric, keep folding and sewing each side of the hexie until you finish sewing the last side of the hexie.

Take your needle to 1/4″ from the edge of the hexie and make the quilting in all the six sides of the hexie, take your needle in the batting fabric and cut the thread out.

You need to do the same to 13 hexies.

You will need to make two half hexies, on the video you can see the steps I made to make the two half hexies.

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 2

On this step you’ll be sewing the hexies together to make the Grandmother Flower Garden first, then sew the other six hexies as it’s shown on the picture below.

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 3

On this step you need to sew the two half hexies as it’s shown on this picture to make the two straight sides of the patchwork bag.

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 4

With two threads of the embroidery floss, make a decorative embroidery stitches over the lines of the hexies on the right side of the Grandmother Flower Garden.

I use the herringbone stitch

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 5

On this step you need to sew the hexies sides marked here with numbers 1 and 2 to sew to close the two sides of the patchwork bag.

Sew these sides with the same stitch you used to sew the hexies together to make the Grandmother Flower Garden.

Each side 1 goes with each side 1, and each side 2 goes with the side two on each side.

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 6

After you finish sewing the two sides of the patchwork bag made with hexies, both sides of the bag should look like it shown on the picture below.

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 7

You can make the same embroidery on the hexies you just sew together on each side of the bag,

Make a buttonhole stitch on each side of the opening of the bag.

Patchwork Hexies Bag

Step 8

It’s time to sew the zipper on the patchwork bag.

Mark the middle with a pencil on both sides of the zipper, and place the zipper, one side first to the middle point on the opening of the bag, pinch a few pins to hold the zipper on its place while you sew the zipper to the bag.

Do first one side of the zipper and then the other side of the zipper.

I did this step sewing by hand, you can use your sewing machine to do this step.

Patchwork Hexies Bag


You just finished your Patchwork bag made with hexies and it looks amazing!

Bolsa Patchwork Hexágonos

I’m sure, after you finish making the first Patchwork bag made with hexies, you’ll be making the second and many more, just like it!

The patchwork bag made with hexies is perfect to carry with you some money, your smart phone, keys and maybe some makeup with you.

You can make a strap to sew it on one side that will help you to carry this beautiful patchwork bag with you anywhere!!

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