How To Make A Quilt ABC

As 2019 begins, one of your resolutions might be making a quilt, today I will share how you can make the “ABC” Quilt, easy and fun to make.

I began to make this quilt two years ago, I named it “The ABC Quilt” because if you make it, you will learn the steps you need to follow to make any quilt, it has making blocks with fabric squares, some applique, some embroidery to do on each block and the quilting will be easy to make even if you decide to make it by hand.

If you want to make the quilting by machine, this quilt has enough room for you to come up with beautiful quilting design made by machine.

I will work on the quilting on this quilt by hand, as I love to do it this way, you can follow me as I will be sharing some moments of the hand quilting as I will be adding some embroidery stitches here and there to make this quilt something nice and special as I’m making this quilt for my granddaughter.

Let me tell you something more about this quilt, as you know I started it two years ago, it was 2017 I posted three blog post telling you about it, and I shared two or three free patterns for you to download and to make the blocks with those applique patterns, that was a good start for this quilt.

Many quilts will have that, a good start… then the quilt can turn into an UFO.

This quilt joined the UFO club and it stayed in a drawer for more than one year, but I never forget it, I knew I had to work on it again, I just needed the right motivation to do it.

Making this quilt with my granddaughter in my mind, it’s the motivation I was needing.

2018 came to an end with all my quilting projects finished (I just have two UFOS) so I didn’t want to start a new quilting project for the last two weeks.

As you know, I live in the province of Quebec in Canada and the weather can turn chilly during winter, that makes me to stay indoors most of the time, I need something to do to make the wait for better weather good and even enjoyable. This is when quilts are a big help.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

What size this quilt will be?

Crib size, twin, full size, Queen or King size?

At the moment I only know this quilt could be twin or full size, in a few weeks more I will let you know how big I’m making this quilt.

But for you, this quilt pattern can be any size you want to make it, as this quilt is made with blocks, you can make it as big as you need it.

All you need to do is to make as many blocks as you need to make it the size you need it. For a baby quilt you only need to make 12 blocks, but if you want to make a wall hanging, you can make a nice wall hanging with only six blocks, to make a nice small quilt to have it on a table, 4 blocks will be good.

If you want to make a big quilt, all you need to do is to start making a few blocks as a start and keep working to make more blocks untill you have enough blocks to make the quilt as big as you want to make it.

I will share on this blog, how many blocks you need to make for each size in a few more weeks, I’ll let you know when that post is ready for you to read on my Social Media. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you can have the latest of my quilting adventures in Canada.

Materials And Quilting Supplies

  • X squares of light beige and light beige with prints cotton 100 % fabric of 5 x 5″
  • Strips of cotton 100 % fabric in different colors of 2 x 5″
  • Squares of cotton 100 % fabric in beige or light beige of 2 x 2″
  • Polyester thread or cotton thread good quality for quilting and also to do some embroidery (buttonhole stitch)

You will need also for this quilt project some patchwork and quilting tools like a rotary cutter, a patchwork ruler, a cutting mat, scissors, needles, pins, safety pins and a sewing machine, you can get all the tools you need on Amazon too, I get all my tools there and it’s a way to save some time so I can get more time working on my quilts.



Step 1

As the first step to make the ABC quilt, you need to cut the different fabric pieces, you can follow the measures here in the photo.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 2

You will need to sew together two squares of fabric, one from the beige fabric and one from the beige fabric with prints, right side facing right side.

Pinch a couple of pins and mark down the 1/4″ seam with a pencil for fabrics, run your sewing machine over the line.

Remove the pins and open the two squares line, press.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 3

The first line to make a block for the ABC quilt should look like this, you will need to make two for every block.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 4

The two lines of two squares will look like this.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 5

Lay one line over the other, and pinch a few pins, you can mark the 1/4″ mark with pencil for the seam and run your sewing machine.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 6

Open and press.

You will need to make as many squares as you will need to make your quilt. I will give you the amount of blocks you will need for every size of quilts soon, I will let you know when I get the list ready to be publish on my Social Media, links below.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 7

As this quilt is made with blocks made with 4 squares of fabric and will an applique on each block, you will get some of the patterns I’m using to make mine for FREE.

All you need is to download the patterns and I will recommend to make two prints (copies) from each pattern, you can save one copy in case you want to make one more quilt later and from the second copy, you can cut out the templates.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

You can visit the following links on my blog to get the free patterns to start working on your quilt,

ABC Baby Quilt

ABC Quilt Free Patterns

Quilting tutorials for beginners

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 8

To work on the applique, you will need to lay on each fabric the template and trace around each template with a pencil or a pen for fabrics.

When you cut out each piece from the fabric, you will need to add the seam of 1/4″, with the help of the scissors make little cuts around the piece in the seam.

Lay the different pieces on each block and pinch some pins. I like to make some running stitches to hold the different fabrics in its place while I work on the applique.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 9

When the applique is done, the block will be ready to work on the embroidery, you can use an embroidery hoop as I do while I work on the embroidery.

This time I will be working on each block with the buttonhole stitch with gray thread.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 10

On this photo below, you can see how the applique motive looks like with and without buttonhole stitch, I really think the buttonhole stitch is a necessity.

In case you want to make it with your sewing machine, I think it will look good too.

Once you have the strips of blocks for your quilt, you will need a thin strip made with pieces of fabric of different color and with little squares beige in between.

You will need to make a strip as long as your quilt, with two pieces of color and one square beige for every block.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Step 11

Once you have the strips of blocks made for your quilt, you can sew the strips of blocks together to make the top of your quilt.

Mine is here, on this photo below, its size today is for a lap quilt, I will keep working on it until my quilt reach the size of a twin bed or a full bed.

How To Make A Quilt ABC

Congratulations your first block to make the quilt ABC looks amazing!

It wasn’t hard to make the first block, now you need to keep working to make as many blocks you will need to make your ABC quilt for the size you want to make it.

I will be adding more patterns to work on this quilt on my blog later, I will let you know when a new pattern is ready on my Social Media, so you can come to my blog to download it.

Follow me on my Social Media to get the last moments of my work where I will be sharing the updates of my work on the quilt ABC, you will know when a new pattern is ready to download, so you can make more blocks for this quilt

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Puedes leer este mismo articulo para hacer la Quilt ABC en espanol en mi blog de patchwork y quilting Ale Cose y


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How To Make A Quilt ABC

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