Patchwork Quilts And More 2019

2018 was a good year with many quilting, patchwork and sewing projects finished, today it’s time to make plans for a new year doing what I love to do.

Last year I really enjoyed working making different tutorials and free patterns to share them with you.

Like most of the years, last one started slow, I was publishing just once in a while a new blog post on my blog, I was working on a more personal quilting project: my journal quilt.

There was a moment then, when I started working in a better way to create some blog post and tutorials where you would be more interested to read to make some quilting and patchwork projects from your home.

At the beginning of the year I got the exciting news I was going to be a grandmother for the second time, I started to make some knitting clothing for my granddaughter then. I began to knit a pair of baby shoes, then I did a baby dress and then a few sweaters for her.

I’m not too good at knitting and most of the times I came up with my own pattern, sometimes it comes up nicely and sometimes I need to redo it a few times.

But, the most important thing is that you love what you do, and that we all do these things made by us thinking on our loved ones!

One day I realized I had enough baby clothing to welcome my granddaughter.

Patchwork Quilts And More 2019

Patchwork Quilts And More 2019

A Baby Quilt.

When you’re a quilter, and you love what you do, you can’t miss making a quilt for your family members, and when you get the good news that a new family member will be here soon, the first idea that comes to your mind is “let’s make a baby quilt

It was then when I got the idea to make a video to share the step by steps to make a baby quilt on my YouTube channel.

I had to learn a few things then, you can be a good quilter but making a video to share on YouTube will require to learn a few things.

For my surprise, that video was well welcomed by YouTube viewers and by you!

And this nice surprise changed the life of a quilter who lives in a small town in the province of Quebec in Canada, where sometimes I need to stay indoors for a few days because of the weather (this happens often during winter).

That was a moment that changed the way I used to think about my blog, it went from a forgotten blog with a few blog post into a blog that has been growing its audience and it helps me to keep motivated to find a new tutorial to help you to keep working on your hobby to make quilts and patchwork projects.

Time went by so fast, and you helped me to make of 2018 a good year, with weekly tutorials shared on my blog and on my YouTube channel.

As I was working to learn how to make a video, I had to face some new challenges like finding the best camera working with and to listen to myself in a video, well what can I say, I managed to share a weekly new video this past year and you helped me to grow my YouTube channel.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You have watched my videos, you have given some likes to them and you have followed me there and also on my Social Media.

For me, it’s a pleasure to share with you my hobby, my passion and what I love to make.

New year and new patchwork, quilting and more projects for 2019

I started the year with a new video and tutorial to make a patchwork sotie doll – an owl.

I know you will be making it sometime this year and it will become the favorite of everyone!

As a ritual, I always start the year working on a new quilt.

This past week, I started working again on a UFO (unfinished projects)

I started this quilt in 2017, it found soon its place in a drawer and it has been there for over a year, it was calling me to go back working on it.

I wanted to start this year working again on it, as I watch some TV at night, this helps me working for one hour to two hours everyday on it, for the moment I’m working on the buttonhole embroidery on the applique pieces.

I have a couple of blog post where you can find more information about this quilt and you can find also the free pattern to start working to make one quilt for you.

I can wait to see this quilt finished, I will be posting my work on it as I go on my social media, you can follow me there to get the moments I will be sharing it there.

Blog posts and FREE patterns to make the Quilt “ABC”

ABC Baby Quilt

ABC Quilt free patterns

Quilting Tutorial for beginners

Free Quilting patterns for beginners

Patchwork Quilts And More 2019


New patchwork and quilting projects to make on 2019.

To make some new patchwork and quilts projects this year, you might have everything you need at home, some cotton 100 % fabric, needles, pins, safety pins and some quilting tools as the rotary cutter and a patchwork ruler.

Today, I have a plan working on, you can follow it as well, I set some challenges working on each month.

On this list, you can find 12 different things, techniques or projects working on each month.

I will be working on them to share here on my blog the full tutorial in English for you, and I will be making the video to share it on YouTube in Spanish, my mother tongue, but I think you will find it helpful to watch the video and to follow the tutorial to make every project on the list.

As a start point, I have working on a quilt in January, making a big quilt is not a thing we can finish in a few hours, or a few days, it requires working on it for a few weeks or even for a few months.

But the point is to make at least this year one big quilt.

For the rest of the projects to make on the other months, it’s just a list that will be a guide working on, I will be checking out the projects we make.

This projects can be change from one month to the other.

And of course, I will be working on more than only 12 quilting projects to make this year!

I will be working to share at least one weekly video most of the time, I will be taking some time off to visit my family, but you will have plenty of videos and tutorials to keep working on you quilting projects.


Well, I wanted to say HI to you and wish you again a Happy New Year and I wanted also to let you know about some of my plans to keep working for you during this year!

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Patchwork Quilts And More 2019

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