How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

2019 is here and it’s the perfect time to keep working on some patchwork projects.

You might have on your resolutions list for this year to do some quilting and patchwork, this is a new tutorial to make a small project, a softie doll with patchwork.

The owl patchwork softie, is a small project to make anytime, it won’t require long hours of sewing of quilting and it will look pretty when you finish it.

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How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Materials And Quilting Supplies

  • 22 hexagons made with cotton 100 % fabric, in the same color but fabric should have different prints on it.
  • 1 piece of cotton fabric in a different color from the hexagons of 3 x 12 “
  • 1 piece of cotton fabric in a different color from the hexagons of 2 x 12″
  • Different pieces of cotton fabric for the eyes: white or light beige, a piece of fabric in a color to match the hexagons, black or brown.
  • 1 piece of cotton fabric in yellow to make the beak, 2 x 1 1/2″
  • 1 piece of cotton fabric for the back of 12 x 10″
  • 1 piece of thin batting fabric of 12 x 12″
  • 1 piece of cotton fabric in yellow to make the legs, 4 x 8″
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Needle, pins, safety pins, polyester thread in beige and gray, sewing machine, scissors.

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Step 1

You can download the FREE pattern and templates to make the Patchwork owl by clicking on the button below.

how to make patchwork free pattern

Once you download it, I will suggest to make two or three copies of it, as you will need to cut out the different templates and you can save one copy to make a new patchwork owl anytime later.

Once you have all the templates ready, the first step is to cut out the 22 hexagons you will need to make the owl, and sew them all together to make a mini quilt top as it’s shown in the picture below.

You can use the English paper system or use the sewing technique I show you in the video, you can sew the hexagons by hand as I did or you can use your sewing machine.

As this is a small piece to make with patchwork, if you’re a beginner and your hexagons are not perfect, don’t worry, it won’t show, and making small patchwork pieces will help you to master the technique.

Once you have the small quilt top ready, press.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 2

With the help of the patchwork ruler and the rotary cutter, trim the sides of the mini quilt top, it should look like the pink mini quilt in the picture below.

You can sew the two pieces of fabric to one side, press.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 3

Your mini quilt top should look this way at this point.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 4

On this step. You will notice I’m making the quilting sandwich with the blue mini quilt, which is not trimmed, this time I made two patchwork owls, it will be better if you follow the previous step to trim the piece before you do the quilting.

Make the quilting sandwich, and place some safety pins to hold the three layers of fabric while you do the quilting.

I did the quilting by hand, but you can make it by machine if you prefer to do it by machine. It will look great too.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 5

On this step you will be doing some applique, the wings and the eyes.

You can use the paper technique to do it, it will help to form the shape of the different pieces and it will help you to work on the applique.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 6

Once you finish doing the applique, it will be the time to work on the embroidery.

Wings: do a button hole stitch all around the edge of the wing. Do three lines of hand quilting with gray thread.

Eyes: On the first piece (the big one) do some “X” stitches all around the edge every 1/4″

On the next two pieces, the medium and the small one, do button hole all around.

To add some light to the eye, do some stitches with white thread.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 7

Once the embroidery is finished, your piece is ready to mark the shape of the owl on it.

I like to do this step, by placing the template on the piece and make a running stitch all around.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 8

To make the legs for the owl, you will need to mark the template on the fabric with a pencil.

Fold the fabric to have it double, right side to right side, and run your sewing machine over the pencil. Cut out the piece adding the seam of 1/4″, make little cuts all around.

You only need to make two legs for each owl, this time as I’m making two, I did 4 legs.

Place the legs on the quilted piece, and pinch a pin on each one, and run the sewing machine on the edge and remove the pins.

Place the piece of fabric for the back on this piece, and pinch a few pins to hold the two pieces together while you sew it on your sewing machine.

Run the sewing machine inside of the running stitch you did before, it will be your sewing line. Don’t forget to leave 2 inches space open, so you can turn out the piece.

When you finish sewing the piece with your sewing machine, remove the pins from it, and trim the piece with the help of your scissors, and make little cuts with your scissor anywhere you have some curves or angles. By doing this, it will help you to turn out the piece and push it to shape it better.

Stuff the piece, as much stuff as you want to, I kept mine soft.

Sew to close the open you left to turn out the piece.

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Step 9

Your patchwork owl sofie is done, and it looks amazing!

How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

Making patchwork softies is easy and it won’t take you long to finish it.

I’m sure you’ll be making more than one as I did. I will give them to my grandchildren, that is why I made one in blue and one in pink.

A patchwork sofie doll will always add that touch that will make any room a lovely room, and when it’s made by you it will become something everyone will love to have.

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How To Make A Softie Doll With Patchwork

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