How To Trim Your Patchwork Blocks

Every time you make a quilt you  will cutting all your fabric pieces first, small, medium or large pieces, you will do this step always.

Second step is to sew each fabric piece to another, this is how quilts are made.

No matter is you make by hand or by machine your quilts, you will be working with different fabric pieces, while you work on each block fabric will stretch or not.

At the end of each time you work on your quilts, even you followed each one of the steps to make your quilt according to the directions you will see some blocks are a little bigger than the rest, and in some cases one or two blocks are just bigger than the rest.

If you follow on step 3, to sew together the blocks to make the lines that will make a quilt, you might find some lines end bigger than other and this will make your work hard to do and you might end having a headache.

Easy steps to trim your Patchwork blocks

To prevent the headache and to make your work easier each time you make a quilt, you need to trim your blocks; yes, each one of them.

You need to iron each one of your blocks with a warm iron, then you need to place each block on the cutting mat and with the help of your patchwork rule and a rotary cutter you can trim each block to the block size your quilt instruction ask for.

Once you finish to trim all your blocks, you can follow your quilt instruction to make the top.

This time I made a video to show you how to trim a patchwork block, as I’m a beginner on making videos, this time I made it in Spanish, but it will give you a good idea on how I trim patchwork blocks.

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Find which rotary cutter I use to trim my patchwork blocks here

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